Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One World

One World – I saw this speech of a 12 year old girl, who spoke for 5 minutes at a UNESCO conference. It was very moving and I felt ashamed, because a part of it, still rings in my ear “If you can’t rectify it, at least don’t break it” She was talking about the environmental damage. At school we teach them nice things. When they come out to the real world, they are caught unawares.

I think there is a lot of truth in what the kid said. We still keep cutting trees to make paper, when we teach them in the school that we should not cut trees. Yesterday only I heard a story from my 5 year old son the moral of which was ‘Don’t cut trees’. I’m beginning to wonder when he grows up, how will I answer his question. And this is just one of the things that we preach but don’t follow.

Adulthood - The stage when we get caught up in the worldly act. Every one of us has heard the John Lennon song ‘Imagine’, but how many of us dare make that come true. The reason – priorities – they keep changing often. Callousness sooner or later sets in. The dream that we had as a kid now doesn’t seem to be a real one. Now we have dreams of glory mostly for ourselves.

Climbing up the corporate ladder or being an entrepreneur or something else. Everyone seems to be having only one goal – to succeed in whatever they want to. The road is immaterial. What matters is the destination. And once we reach there, we realize that it was a hollow dream. Now there is no harm in making one’s dreams come true. But as long as it’s not aligned with nature which knows no boundaries or castes or religions or for that matter does not judge anybody, the dream will remain muffled. Please go ahead and make a change – for the better – to end all atrocities and provide our children with a better future – One world.

To your dreams …


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