Sunday, April 25, 2010

There’s a peace inside us all

There's a peace inside us all

Let it be your friend

It will help you carry on

Till the end

----- Creed

Look inside, and you will find a treasure trove of information. We are all poets. We look outside and appreciate the beauty. Now we have to become mystics, by looking within. Life has paradox everywhere, because both sides are contained within the embrace of life. Look at Windows. It has a good side and a bad side. Or for that matter look at not just any software, but any object, the paradox is inane.

Once you have had an experience of the inside, then there is no looking back. I'm sure you would want more. That is what meditation does to you. It transforms you. You start feeling love everywhere. Let me ask you this: Have you ever spoken to a tree? Try it. And you will see the tree jostling and swirling because for the first time you noticed it in all these years. The tree, the river, the mountains all of them are content. Even the birds and animals are. Man Is the only animal which being given the choice misuses it.

There has been a gross misappropriation of genuine information that leads to a blissful life. It's available in many manuals, dramas or operas or whatever. But one thing: You have to decipher it all by yourself. Still it's not enough. Because, finally it's about our experience. You have to feel it. You have to be passionate and from the depths of your innards give a call to God and see the miracle. As we immaculately thank more, the more we receive. It may not be green in colour but the reward is worthwhile.

So, toss all your worries aside. Wake up to this life of discovery. Because deep inside you are right. Just make it your nature. In everyday life, be situated in this wonder and maybe a little awe, and you will find that this is the most beautiful gift that you have received, ever.



Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This whole universe has been created for you

This whole universe has been created for you. It's in bits and pieces. But you hold the key to it. And remember, as is the outside, so is the inside. We all view the world through the lens that has been provided to us. The capacity of this lens is infinite. Take software. It is similar in nature. As there is a progression of time, the specializations are many in nature.

Part by part, the experience that we gather will depend on the focus of the lens. We all have a role to play in this hypnotic dance of God. At times, it's not clear why things happen the way they do. Because it's play in nature. Do you know why kids do the things they do. So hard to explain. But they are untouched and do what all kids do – play. The entire creation is a play for God. Why does he do it – to sustain, to enjoy and finally asking us to return back to the God head.

We see the world as a network, while the database lies inside us. This is the forgotten database when we were a child. If we can get back into that mode again, then it would be fun. And that is the whole challenge – to be like kids again. The world that we have concocted doesn't seem to be conducive to this goal and as time progresses, we see more of it (Second law of thermodynamics – Entropy increases with time) Hence we need to connect to the database within ourselves. The network is important as we cannot ignore other people. But we shouldn't forget our database because that is what we come with and then we form our networks.

We have a partial view, as long as we think like adults. This view has to improve. Way beyond the way it is. We have to get in touch with truth. In this lifetime only. And the only way is to reclaim what is rightfully ours – the ability to be a child – all over again.



Thursday, April 15, 2010

To your work and happiness

You are what your work is. A family is just a structure that supports your work. The concept of work is not just to meet deadlines, but to learn the fairer aspects of it. It's beyond satisfaction. Let me explain this a bit. Your work should be such that you see the invisible hands of God through it. Work has to be done for the sake of work without expecting anything in return. Difficult, but possible.

Now how do you see God in the work that you do. Take for instance that you are helping somebody in your team. If a person shows gratitude with a simple thank you, he has spotted the Godliness in you. And even if he hasn't, deep down inside you know that you did a good job. Basically to put it in two words – you care. And this approach will take you far. Help people, because they are also divine sparks just like you are.

Steer away from negativity. It takes you down. Ever wonder why the protons are close to neutrons in an atom. Because they carry a positive charge. The neutron I refer to here is the God who is equal to all. Because all of us come from him. However bad a person may be, he is still your sibling. At times you may want to hit back at a person who did the same to you. Refrain from it. This is not a lack of courage, but maturity. Because you will not gain anything from this action. Courage is sometimes to let go. Courage is sometimes to stand up for others. Courage is to forgive. Courage is to sacrifice.

Be in a positive frame of mind always. Don't let anger, greed or lust come in between you and the kingdom of the Emperor. Control yourself. By that I mean control your mind. Although it's like controlling a drunken monkey, it's possible. Anger is for the weak, greed is for the dissatisfied and finally lust is for you to conquer.

Remember a brave warrior like Arjuna also had his weak moments. So it's OK if you err. But realize it, rectify it and move on. Watch yourself, watch the thoughts that gather in your mind, and laugh at it. Because it's not you, but your mind playing the tricks. Just be observant. Watchful, always. God is nearer to you than you think. Just ask him to reveal himself ,and he will, as soon as he finds that you are fit for the next stage beyond happiness, beyond time and beyond all that you have ever dreamed of.

Be happy always …



Sunday, April 04, 2010

And God said Let there be Light

And God said let there be light. And there was light.

We are all beings of light. We come from light, we merge back into light. Light does not know darkness. Darkness is nothing but an absence of light. Like a seed we are all born to become a tree which gives its fragrance and fruits to others. The time does not matter, the place doesn't. All that matters is to realize that inside each one of us is planted a seed which has the potential to be a great tree, far mightier than the oak that came out of an acorn, more vast than the big sky, much deeper than the ocean.

It's a pity if we do not realize the power that lies submerged in each one of us. We have two powerful tools with us viz. meditation and prayer. The first one leads to maturity and the second one to infinite joy. A combination of these two can bring solace to the most miserable heart also. Actually meditation is meant to get in touch with the silence within us and prayer is a simple act of gratitude to God who chose to give us this gift of life.

Why do birds sing or trees dance happily in the wind? They do it out of instinct. Whereas we are conscious – we try to follow our own way. How silly … There is a bigger plan taking shape of which we are a part like a rivulet of a river. We set goals and then push ourselves. Does life have any goal? It is nothingness. The moment we realize this, only one phrase comes to mind – Don't be so hard on yourself – Let it be.

I hear everyone say but life is tough. So it is, I agree. But every life with its trials and tribulations is unique as we all are. Try to thank God enough and you will find your life materialize into something more meaningful right in front of your eyes. Do your job however hard it may be, but don't lose perspective. You are one special person who has a lot to give. Rest if you must, but don't give up. Now let me tell you the secret – there is just one thing left for us to do – realize God – not believe – but experience pure consciousness which bubbles inside every heart saying just one thing – Thank You.

Cheers and Happy Easter to all of you,