Thursday, April 15, 2010

To your work and happiness

You are what your work is. A family is just a structure that supports your work. The concept of work is not just to meet deadlines, but to learn the fairer aspects of it. It's beyond satisfaction. Let me explain this a bit. Your work should be such that you see the invisible hands of God through it. Work has to be done for the sake of work without expecting anything in return. Difficult, but possible.

Now how do you see God in the work that you do. Take for instance that you are helping somebody in your team. If a person shows gratitude with a simple thank you, he has spotted the Godliness in you. And even if he hasn't, deep down inside you know that you did a good job. Basically to put it in two words – you care. And this approach will take you far. Help people, because they are also divine sparks just like you are.

Steer away from negativity. It takes you down. Ever wonder why the protons are close to neutrons in an atom. Because they carry a positive charge. The neutron I refer to here is the God who is equal to all. Because all of us come from him. However bad a person may be, he is still your sibling. At times you may want to hit back at a person who did the same to you. Refrain from it. This is not a lack of courage, but maturity. Because you will not gain anything from this action. Courage is sometimes to let go. Courage is sometimes to stand up for others. Courage is to forgive. Courage is to sacrifice.

Be in a positive frame of mind always. Don't let anger, greed or lust come in between you and the kingdom of the Emperor. Control yourself. By that I mean control your mind. Although it's like controlling a drunken monkey, it's possible. Anger is for the weak, greed is for the dissatisfied and finally lust is for you to conquer.

Remember a brave warrior like Arjuna also had his weak moments. So it's OK if you err. But realize it, rectify it and move on. Watch yourself, watch the thoughts that gather in your mind, and laugh at it. Because it's not you, but your mind playing the tricks. Just be observant. Watchful, always. God is nearer to you than you think. Just ask him to reveal himself ,and he will, as soon as he finds that you are fit for the next stage beyond happiness, beyond time and beyond all that you have ever dreamed of.

Be happy always …



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