Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This whole universe has been created for you

This whole universe has been created for you. It's in bits and pieces. But you hold the key to it. And remember, as is the outside, so is the inside. We all view the world through the lens that has been provided to us. The capacity of this lens is infinite. Take software. It is similar in nature. As there is a progression of time, the specializations are many in nature.

Part by part, the experience that we gather will depend on the focus of the lens. We all have a role to play in this hypnotic dance of God. At times, it's not clear why things happen the way they do. Because it's play in nature. Do you know why kids do the things they do. So hard to explain. But they are untouched and do what all kids do – play. The entire creation is a play for God. Why does he do it – to sustain, to enjoy and finally asking us to return back to the God head.

We see the world as a network, while the database lies inside us. This is the forgotten database when we were a child. If we can get back into that mode again, then it would be fun. And that is the whole challenge – to be like kids again. The world that we have concocted doesn't seem to be conducive to this goal and as time progresses, we see more of it (Second law of thermodynamics – Entropy increases with time) Hence we need to connect to the database within ourselves. The network is important as we cannot ignore other people. But we shouldn't forget our database because that is what we come with and then we form our networks.

We have a partial view, as long as we think like adults. This view has to improve. Way beyond the way it is. We have to get in touch with truth. In this lifetime only. And the only way is to reclaim what is rightfully ours – the ability to be a child – all over again.



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