Thursday, December 01, 2011

Getting rid of fear

When you try to do something, do you find that there is something that’s holding you back? It can only be fear. Fear has friends like guilt, nervousness, depression etc. Do not get into any of these. First of all be convinced that this life is very well worth living. There are so many good things you can focus your time and energy on, than worrying about bad things.

The highest emotion that we can live out of, is love. Love for ourselves, for others, for God. You are not just a bunch of bones and flesh which is going to be exterminated one day. You are much more than that. You have come from divinity. Hence you are pure potential. Some people say that, what we are afraid of deep within, is light not darkness, because light has the potential to change the world.

Here’s what I have found useful. When you face fear, take 2 deep breaths or count from 1 to 10. It almost always works. Do you remember what the Bible says “Fear not, for I’m with you”. This is God’s promise. If he is pervading everywhere then why fear? Do not let this emotion ruin your life, because it has ruined most of the world.

Always be in a positive state of mind. Let your vibrations bring joy to others. Bury angry. Be courageous. Make a positive difference in the world. The size does not matter. What matters is the intention. You have been endowed with unlimited power. Act on it. Don’t let the energy go waste. Simply, because you are destined to be great, and that is your original inheritance.

Love and Peace.



RM said...

Loved this blog. Gave me a lot of hope. thanks !!

Guru30 said...

My pleasure :))))