Sunday, December 11, 2011

Save the kids

Look into the eyes of a kid. You will find innocence. And in their smile, you will find the world’s most beautiful treasure. We should not rob children of their rights. Right to eat three square meals a day, right to go to a school and right to healthcare. I really wish that these were free for all children in the world. Whose responsibility is it? The government and the individual.

I do not know if countries have a special budget for this. The welfare of children should not just be in the hands of some NGO’s, it’s but a nation’s responsibility. And by that I mean every single individual of a country. When I see urchins on the street, I feel helpless. How much can a single individual or a group do? At the same time if they were covered by my nation’s government, things would be better.

In countries like Afghanisthan, a kid gets a real gun at the age of 5, when he should be playing with a toy. In Africa, there is so much of malnutrition and HIV+ children, the numbers would scare you. And still the inequality goes on. People shrug off the problem, because it’s not in their courtyard. We are 7 billion people now. That means more contributors and more receivers.

If there was a magic wand that could wash away the sorrows it would be great. Or we could’ve called Aladdin by rubbing the proverbial lamp to give us a solution. Here’s what I propose. A generous 1% cut from all our incomes to address this. But I really do not know if that will be sufficient. I know there are lot of people who are doing their part. But we need more of such people who can spread joy to our little angels. The dreams of many dreamers would come true one day. I’m sure of this.

With love and gratitude


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