Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heard on God's channel at 6PM today.

Who are you looking for on those unknown roads? Can you feel love in the air? It’s always been there but you noticed it today. How come? Never mind … I want you to be happy, always. Shed your burdens. Make me your partner. I will always be there for you. Do you not trust me or my words? I’m closer to you than that vein in your neck.

Believe in yourself. In turn you will believe in me, because you are a part of me, you always have been. Take a deep breath, when you are in doubt. Do you feel better? Yes, I do. The other day when you cried, I felt very sad. Do not worry. You will make it. Not only here, but in all the worlds, the seen and the unseen, I will be with you.

Allow me to take you to those places where you can find solace with your favorite things. Your hideout is mine too. You don’t realize how much I love you. Never let that tear come to your eyes again. Work hard for all those things you aspire for. It’s yours r already. You are my best friend. I’ll throw you a party when you come back to me. Promise!

Take rest for a while. You are destined to be a star, because you are my baby. Just keep working on your dreams. I know them all. And I feel all of them are achievable. What you thought far away is actually very near to you. Just persevere for some time. And when you feel that no one seems to understand you, remember there is always one person who does.

Simply, because I love your smile.

Always wanting you to be happy …


Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The real meaning of success

Do not rebel against your nature. God made us all different. He has endowed us with strengths. Lot of us go through life without ever realizing what we have been gifted with. Although our circumstances may be different, there is not a single human being on earth who does not have strengths. Talent if you might call it that way. And talent practiced is an expert.

To rise up in life, just having skills won’t cut it. It has to be realized as wisdom through practice. One has to see God in every endeavor that he goes thru. But first realize him thru the same eyes that he has given you. By eyes, I mean the skill. If you are a painter, then paint. If you are a singer, then sing. Do it like there is nothing else you are living for.

Work for work’s sake. The compensation would follow. Be assured of it. But work with focus. Realize your skills and then focus them onto the object under attention, like a magnifying glass which burns a piece of paper when the rays of the sun are unified thru it. There are no goals really. Limits are for those who have already accepted limitations.

Life is a story of continuous improvement. There are no pinnacles. Success is just appreciation. There are lofty moments but one should not get carried away. Most of us want to succeed. But how many people know what it means to be successful? Here’s my definition – One who has realized God through his work, he is a successful person. Rest is conversation.

To your success,


Sunday, July 03, 2011

The price of freedom

Do we really want openness? With some things yes and with others no, I would say. Sometime back, Eric Raymond wrote a book called ‘The Cathedral and the Bazaar’. The cathedral meant a closed system like the Microsoft PC and the Bazaar was referring to Open Source. In some respects, this was true. Microsoft never shares its source code. Although now they are opening up a tad bit lately.

The issue is larger than this. Imagine if Microsoft were to open up Windows code, there would be so many versions of Windows in the market, like Linux distros, and we wouldn’t know which one to choose. For this brief facility, Microsoft charges us, albeit a little too much. There are several other reasons also why we pay them.

Think of this. Nobody writes OS’s anymore, except some users or groups and big companies. The majority of people using the OS are plain users and not techies. So it’s the duty of the OS writer(s) build security into the heart of the OS. Open source can be dangerous in the hands of a criminal, although the blame also squarely lies on Windows which is also so easily breakable.

My point is this: Look at Apple. Not so easily penetrated by bad eyeballs. But the other side of the paper prompts us with this question, ‘Can a bunch of techies sitting somewhere in the valley dictate which part of the software or hardware should be closed?’ After all what happened to freedom? To choose what a person needs. If the person is a qualified nerd, yes. Else the best option is to stick with the vendor limited by their vision, but have no sleepless nights.

The internet is open. But look at the spam, viruses and what not harvesting in the undergrounds. A user could easily fall prey to his rookie-ness. On the other side there are so many useful applications that we could take advantage of. Freedom comes at a cost. Are we ready to pay the price?

Let me know your thoughts.


Friday, July 01, 2011

Eternity in an hour

I still remember that day, when I climbed the mountain and looked at the scenery below. Mind blowing is not the word. Perhaps, exquisite or phenomenal would be a better substitute. I could see the whole city stretching out of the valley below. And it was so beautiful. The Sun was partly obscured by some clouds, which provided a shade to a part of the city while the other side was immersed in light.

On the other side of the hill, I came across a natural spring. The water was like water that I had never tasted before. I filled in a jug full for the remaining trip. As it was the rainy season, the track was slippery. In the trek, I came across a lot of creepers and red ants on some of the flora and fauna. Frogs, chameleons and deer’s with Antlers.

Immediately, I saw a lake ahead and the first thing that streaked across my mind was swimming. Took off my shirt and waded into the cool water. Swam a little and then came out, only to find a board saying that swimming in this lake was not allowed, as there were crocodiles in the lake. What a near escape! On the side of the lake was a cave. Entered it and saw some bats.

Well, all of this was 25 years ago, when I was 18 years old. Young blood, reckless, seeking thrills and trying to find some identification. Looking back, I have no regrets. In the midst of all these adventures, I became an adult. How time passed? I myself don’t know. Today I live with those forlorn memories which once in a while regurgitates in my mind.

One word got added into my world: Responsibility. And I’m still learning this word.