Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The real meaning of success

Do not rebel against your nature. God made us all different. He has endowed us with strengths. Lot of us go through life without ever realizing what we have been gifted with. Although our circumstances may be different, there is not a single human being on earth who does not have strengths. Talent if you might call it that way. And talent practiced is an expert.

To rise up in life, just having skills won’t cut it. It has to be realized as wisdom through practice. One has to see God in every endeavor that he goes thru. But first realize him thru the same eyes that he has given you. By eyes, I mean the skill. If you are a painter, then paint. If you are a singer, then sing. Do it like there is nothing else you are living for.

Work for work’s sake. The compensation would follow. Be assured of it. But work with focus. Realize your skills and then focus them onto the object under attention, like a magnifying glass which burns a piece of paper when the rays of the sun are unified thru it. There are no goals really. Limits are for those who have already accepted limitations.

Life is a story of continuous improvement. There are no pinnacles. Success is just appreciation. There are lofty moments but one should not get carried away. Most of us want to succeed. But how many people know what it means to be successful? Here’s my definition – One who has realized God through his work, he is a successful person. Rest is conversation.

To your success,


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