Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The age of the machines

In August, 2015 the world had 4.4 zettabytes of data. That is equal to 4.4 trillion gigabytes. And only 0.5% of this data is analysed. So much of data is collected on a day-to-day basis, but much of it just sits somewhere without being attended to. The data deluge will get worse. By 2017, we will be having 44 zettabytes of data. So what do you with this deluge. For an individual or a small company, this doesn’t make a difference. At least for now. But the need for a competitive advantage will force everyone on this planet to depend on Analytics. This will be made possible by Data Analytics tools. When useful data is analysed, we get insights about us, our companies, our nations and other things. Co-relations can be made to detect hidden patterns within data and we will also further be able to predict the cause of a particular situation.

We are all creatures of limitations. There is a finite amount of thinking that we can do or what can be observed through our senses. Hence we need machines. They augment our senses and thus transcend some of our limitations. Another reason why we can use machines is because they are fast and uncannily accurate. But machines do break down. But they do not require food or water. They are also not social animals. They also can be operated in a 24 by 7 schedule. They do not require sleep. All they require is a constant supply of electricity. Now, I’m not talking about mechanical machines (like the analog watch). In this new age, a majority of machines will be digital. We are witnessing the rise of the machines in this age.

When we talk of technology, there are 2 aspects of it :

  • How do they work ?
  • Where can it be applied ?

The first aspect is quite complex. With hardware and software exploding everyday, we have invented so many myriad of tools and techniques to make them work. There are infrastructure related issues (means how does the machine perform in a particular foundation). Then there are the applications which are connected to this massive infrastructure through platforms. There are many platforms out there, not necessarily inter-operable. When a new product comes to the market, the initial curiosity can be intriguing. If this product succeeds by demonstrating its prowess, the market votes up for it. If this product promises to plug in a need hole, then it may be a winner.

However, the important thing about technology is not how it works – but where it is applied. What problem does it solve ? How does that affect the bottom line ? As humans we are always looking at solutions to problems. If a product or a service demonstrates this successfully, we don’t mind opening our wallet. For every new product there are features and limitations. If the benefits outweigh the costs, it’s a winner. Some of them go on to become viral. One of the greatest drawbacks of human beings is that we think linearly. Whereas we can find a lot of people / companies growing at an exponential rate. If you are a startup, this is the mindset that you should be having. But while you are at it, do not forget to smell the roses along the way. Remember that we have reached here with support from God, and there is no reason not to say ‘Hello’ to him once in a while. Because he is enjoying the show as much as you are.

Good luck,


Friday, September 25, 2015

What happens to us after death

Nobody has returned from the afterworld, to tell us that this is the way it is. But there are many graphical descriptions in the books. Is there a heaven or a hell ? Some cultures do not refer to hell, as they say there are two worlds only. Out of our imagination, we have created so many different worlds. Heaven or Hell is what we are in a particular moment. If we are happy and come from joy, we are in Heaven. Whereas, if we are depressed or feeling like a grouch, we are in Hell. That is as far as our state of mind is concerned. Beyond this, is a state when we experience the universal consciousness. This state is the one referred to as one without a second, in the great scriptures. This is the state that we should be aiming for. If life is worth living, it’s sole purpose is to realize ourselves in this state.

So, what does this have to do with death? Well, we have to have this realization in our life time, in order to avoid rebirth. A person who comes from this state, is always peaceful and happy. He sees himself in others and others in him. This state can also be called as the God-realized state. Actually we don’t realize God. We become God like. Existence becomes a bliss and every moment seems to merge with other moments. Time becomes an illusion and we become like that pigeon or the lion who, when asked ‘What time is it now?’ replies ‘Of course, the time is now’. There is no longer a past or a future. This enlightened person just lives for the present moment.

When such a person dies, his soul merges with the universal soul. There is no rebirth for this person. Mind you, we will keep talking births, as long as we do not achieve this unified goal. Such a person’s karmic footprint is washed away and he has a zero balance in his karmic account. But what happens to a person who has not realized this state ? Well, for one, his body is not there anymore. So the senses are no longer working. His brain with which he processes information also is no longer there. So thoughts are also absent. But his life moments are recorded in Akashic records. The resulting karma, will dictate as to what will happen to this person. Will he be waiting for some time for a rebirth, or immediately be cast into a world and all that will depend upon what he has accumulated in this life.

Death is not a full stop. It’s just a comma. Your soul can never die, as it awaits for emancipation. The only thing that can happen to your soul, is that it will take on new bodies and get reincarnated in a new form. Now is the chance for the soul to attain realization. Or else the cycle continues. Are these all predestined? No. They all happen according to individual efforts. Astrology, palmistry and other occult sciences can just predict the conditions. It’s like giving you a map. But when you traverse the map, what experience you will collect, is entirely up to you. The soul is the only noun in the universe. And as your body faces the life tunes, it gets older with experience. The idea is to realize that you are a part of God, before you die. Because this very state (samskara) will be predominant when death strikes you. Much about what happens to you after death will be directly related with the way you have lived.

Death will not die. Neither do you. As you are an everlasting soul in the bosom of God.

To your liberation,


Saturday, September 19, 2015

The ultimate knowledge

If you read the Vedanta, there are 7 Mahavakyas (Great sentences) in it :

Brahma satyam jagan mithya

This simply means that Brahman is real and the world is unreal. Brahman is a reference to our soul. Jagan (World) with all it’s variations is not reality. It is just our perception. We all perceive the world in our own ways. An insect experiences the world in a different way compared to a bird or a human. Perceptions come and go. They are not permanent in nature. The soul is something that never took birth or never faces death. Hence the only truth is the soul. The word mithya means unreal and that denotes the experience of the world that we are in.

Ekam evadvitiyam brahma

Brahman is one, without a second. Ekam means one and evadvitiyam means without a moment. Brahman or our soul is not entrapped by the time illusion that we have. It simply supersedes time. Hence it is without a second. As time passes, we see changes in our body, thoughts etc. But the soul is not affected by time. As a lotus flower which is found in a muddy place, steers itself away from it’s surroundings, we must also be pure (realize the soul) and take ourselves away from the material world. Because, you see, everything in the material world is impermanent.

Prajnanam brahman

Brahman is supreme knowledge. Prjananam is Praj (Supreme) and Gnanam (Knowledge). We all think that we are well equipped in the world with our doctorates or masters. But that knowledge is not sufficient. True knowledge is knowledge of Brahman (Soul). When we realize the soul, we can say that we have achieved the purpose of life. Hence our life should be devoted to the study of soul, as this is the highest knowledge that we can ever possess. You may have read the entire library, but if you do not know the soul, you still are a toddler.

Tat tvam asi

You are That or This is what you are. Tat (You) , tvam (Are) and asi (That). You may have mistaken yourself for an entity with a name that belongs to yourself. You have a last name, you have your fathers name and the world recognizes you by this. You may also have some conceptions about you. But here’s the truth : You are just the soul (Brahman). All other identities are false. They are not permanent in nature. They all go away, once you die. Hence you must realize it during your lifetime, that you are that – or the soul and nothing else.

Ayam atma brahma

This simply means that the Atman (Soul) and Brahman are the same. There is no distinction between them. Some people call the Brahman as the Supersoul or God himself. But the atman or your soul is not qualitatively different from the Supersoul. You are a part  and parcel of the very God that exits in the depths of you and only this part of you is not going to go away, anytime. Thus, your atman (some people also refer it to as Jivatma) and God is same. In other words, you are not the drop in the ocean, but the ocean itself. So realize this truth.

Aham brahmasmi

I’m Brahman. This realization is said to take years of effort to materialize. You simply can’t say that your are the soul. You have to realize it. Through practices like Meditation. Imagine the moment you come to this realization, that you are Brahman and the whole world that you perceive, is being experience by Brahman, who is nothing but yourself. As human beings, we are a privileged class. We have the awareness that can take us to this level. (In the Upanishads, mention is made of the state called ‘turiya’ where we realize God in the full meaning of it.)

Sarvam khalvidam brahma

Sarvam (everything) – khalvidam (indeed this) is Brahman. This is the ultimate stage of realization, where you see that everything around us, including us, is pervaded by God. Here. in this state, whatever we see or experience around us, we see God in it. God or Brahman exists everywhere. The penultimate stage to this is when we realize that we are Brahman, then we realize that the world around us (nature) is Brahman and thus finally we realize that everything is Brahman. And this is the realization that we should come to. There is nothing beyond this. Brahman (God) is truth, Truth is God.



Monday, September 14, 2015

How to make your dreams come true

Do you dream a lot or a little ? I’m not talking about the dreams that you get when you sleep. What I’m referring to is the things in your life that you want to achieve. Do you have a plan for them ? Have you started working towards them ? Did you think and visualize the details of your dream ? For example, if you want to make a million dollars a year, what is it that you can contribute to make it happen ? Do you have the requisite skills ? If you don’t, do you plan to get yourself trained in those skills that you are lacking ? Do you believe in the law of attraction ? I do. But without the effort part of it, you are bound to receive what you have been getting till now. Without raising your level, you won’t get much of traction. The word ‘DREAM’ is an acronym. Here’s the breakup for that :

‘D’ : Decide

Once you have sorted through those thoughts that seem to run in your head always, you have to arrive at a conclusion. Ask yourself what is it that makes you perk up, or what is it that you can do without much effort ? I mean, what is it that comes to you naturally ? Well, you are cut out to be that. Maybe a doctor or a journalist or whatever. Once you have decided that this is what you are going to be, then don’t turn back. Go for it on full steam. Some people may actually try to give you an advice that they think is apt. Do not listen to naysayers. This is about you and you are the only person who can decide what you will be in the future. So listen to your heart’s voice and go right after it.

‘R’ : Respond

Respond to situations in a way that makes you feel happy. We all have good and bad days. But it is for us to decide whether the so called bad days were really bad or just lessons towards making us better. Do not let bad days deter you. Remember, whatever may be the situation, the response is for us to choose. And this ability is correctly termed as responsibility – the ability for you to respond in an appropriate manner. Do not go against your values – never. Do not criticize. Choose a positive response always, however negative the ambience may be. If somebody makes you angry, it’s not about the other person. It’s what is brewing inside of you. The only person who can change this feeling is you.

‘E’ – Enthuse

Without energy, nothing is possible. You must raise yourself up to the stage that you want to get to. Say you are at level A. And you want to get to level ‘B’. So what does it take to get up there. The answer in one word – your energy level. You have to raise your vibrations to get there. Like what Tony Robbins says ‘Everyday you have to raise your standard’. People complain that the law of attraction does not work. It will, if you change your energy levels. If there is no change, the Universe responds to you as it always has been, which means in the same way as before. Be passionate about your goals. A person who does not have passion for what he/she is after, is already a dead person. Ask yourself, do I want to be dead or alive, bubbling with energy ?

‘A’ – Act

None of the three steps above is going to be of use, if you do not act upon the opportunities that come your way. You see God keeps sending us these opportunities disguised as work. You have to grab them and sweat it out. There is no other way out. If Lord Krishna were alive today, his message to mankind would be ‘Go, do your job!’. There is no escaping this. Work is worship. All the results of your actions are based on how you have worked on a particular opportunity that God has sent. However, don’t go overboard. The results are not in your hands. Work with an attitude, where you do work for work’s sake – that is, get excited about it. The results will automatically come. Action without intensity or involvement is going to be a dull action. So put all your heart into what you do.

‘M’ – Mastermind

This simply means that you have to network. No point in having all these skills and capabilities, if the world doesn’t know that such a person exists. Your relationship when you network should be a two way communication. Not only are you interested in showcasing yourself, but you should be interested in other people genuinely. This helps you, because you can pass on the opportunities that come your way to others, if you find that, you cannot fulfil it. This also helps you in building a trust relationship with several people. Some within your bandwidth (your interests) and some outside. Maybe you will go on to become best friends with some of these people. So do not ignore these facts. Networking is the final step which will land you into opportunities.

If you follow the above five steps, I do not see any reason, why you will not be able to reach where you want to be. So what are you waiting for ? Go ahead with all you have got and with God’s blessings, you will definitely make it.

To your dreams,


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Experiencing God

How do you experience God? In normal state of consciousness, it’s not possible. Simply because there is too much of background noise. By that I mean distractions from outside and our own thoughts running amuck in our brains. God can only be experienced when the mind is calm and we are in an altered state of consciousness. This state can be induced through techniques such as meditation. Or some people just seem to snap into it, for no particular reason. I have had such experiences when all I feel is an awareness of something so powerful communicating with me, unstoppable tears and a feeling of awe in everything that I see. During the moments, I feel perfectly at peace with myself. The feeling is there for some time (hours and minutes) and then I return back to my normal state. I’m sure everyone experiences this in their lifetime.

Objectively experiencing God is through convincing  our logic which really is not that effective. If you are looking at an object, who is the person that is observing the object? That you can say is yourself. But you get a feeling that you are aware of you watching this object. Where is that awareness coming from. There cannot be two of you. One watching the object and one watching you, watching the object. This awareness simply is called consciousness. The first one watching the object is simply trying to analyse the object, which is our brain. In other words it is our thoughts. The second person who is watching all of this is consciousness. In fact, if you look clearly, the first person is a myth. It’s just a thought. It exists only for a second or two, but the second person is always there watching us. And this is our consciousness.

When our mind is quiet, we can experience this watcher first hand. It does not judge, nor does it discriminate. It just observes. And that’s all it does. So what’s the point? The observer is experiencing the world through us. We are just a medium. Why does the observer do that? Well, the world is full of so many wonderful things that the observer is enjoying what it perceives. So who is this observer? It’s our consciousness. If you read the Bhagvad Gita, God says that he/she is the knower of the field. In short, this observer is God. The field refers to the external world. Or nature. Going a bit further, God also says that he/she is the field itself. In short, God is observing God created things. This is to get that feeling or experience.

As we go progressively in various stages of meditation, we come across both of these. First stage : we feel that we are the knower of the field. In short, we are experiencing purusha or our soul. The second stage: We feel that we are Prakriti or nature (what is being observed) which simply means that we are also the observed. And the final stage: There is no distinction between the observer and the observed. Both are myself. And now the wall crumbles down. We are in union with the universe, where we feel that we are the universe itself. It’s very tough to explain this. We have to experience it ourselves. The best way is to calm the mind and start meditating. We don’t need external stimulants to achieve this. We are all individual waves in the ocean that connects us all. Souls immersed in a universal soul. In short, we all come from the same place and return to the same – the ocean. This life is just a short itinerary in those millions of voyages that we have to undertake till we become one with God.

Best Wishes,


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Consciousness explained

Consciousness is an elusive thing, because we all have it, but somehow we fail to nail it, as to what it is exactly. Some people correctly identify consciousness to be something we have all along except, when we are in deep sleep. Even while dreaming we can be aware of consciousness. Some think that our brain produces consciousness. This theory does not hold water, as in deep sleep also, the brain is active. So where does our sense of consciousness go during that time ? The greatest damage has been done by Descartes saying ‘I think, therefore Iam !’ Thinking is not to be equated with consciousness. Our thoughts emanate in the brain. And consciousness is not in the brain. It’s non-local. So here are some aspects of consciousness to ponder upon :

1. It is fundamental

Like mass, space, time etc, consciousness seems to be a fundamental concept imbibed in our universe. This calls upon a scientific theory for the same. However the reason why we have not been able to make much progress in this front is because consciousness is subjective. Although we all seem to have consciousness, our experiences are varied. No two are the same. Neuroscience suggests that there are trillions of possibilities embedded within our brains. These possibilities are images and stories. We always connect our experiences with these built in possibilities, and either strengthen or weaken them. Where do these images and stories come from ? Well, they are collected as we grow from childhood to being adults. Some even say past karma. However these memories don’t suggest that they are the only ones out there. Some spiritualists also claim that we have access to Akashic records outside the brain. This brings us to the concept of mind, the brain being the physical expression of that. The mind is thus much more than the brain.

2. It is universal

This is the panpsychic theory of consciousness which suggests that consciousness is embedded into everything from a human to a sub-atomic particle. However their complexity varies. While we are much complex creatures, a subatomic particle has a very low degree of consciousness. This theory seems to be a natural offshoot of the above point that we made a while ago. Thus we have group consciousness, societal consciousness, internet consciousness, global consciousness and a universe that is sentient. The idea in religious literature is of a super soul that is God and we being a miniscule part of it. However, small it may be, it has the same properties and potential of the super soul. Like the poet Rumi said it ‘We are not a drop in the ocean, but the ocean in the drop’. Even worms, insects and cats have soul’s. Forget that, even walls do. Everything is immersed in the soul energy. However, the degree of awareness is different. For eg: your cat may have an awareness that does not exceed yours but does when compared to an earthworm.

3. It is non computational

Not all theories can be explained by mathematics. There are many places where mathematics simply cannot answer the conundrums. For eg: parts of

  • Classical Physics
  • Field theory
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Things outside quantum mechanics

The soul does not seem to work on computations. The experience that we go through, is not a set of ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV instructions. It’s a feeling, that is produced by various factors like the emotions, senses, processing, memory etc. Spiritualists give the term ‘Qualia’ for experiences that are fundamental for example the shape circle or the color red. These somehow add up to give us a summative experience. We are not sure as to how it works, but it does. The difference between a computer and consciousness is that a computer cannot be selective about it’s input, whereas consciousness seems to know what to filter. This property can also be seen in the brain.

4. It is information intensive

The more the information a system holds, the higher the degree of consciousness in it. This is naturally so. We are complex beings and we have a high degree of consciousness. A computer which holds lesser information is not as conscious as we are. However, the difference is in the processing. Unlike a computer which executes a set of instructions, consciousness can be experienced through things like epiphanies, deja-vu’s and law of attraction, to name a few. Our experiences seems to have visualized the state before itself. A computer cannot beforehand predict the outcome, without going though the instructions. Yes, looking at the data, some amount of predictions is possible. But in the case of consciousness, even data does not seem to be required. It’s a far more form of an advanced technology.

If in some words, we were to explain the term beauty, only consciousness can do that by giving us the experience of it. Can you ever define it? The beauty of a sunset can only be felt and never be explained by words.

To your awakening,


Monday, August 10, 2015

Software is eating the world

Software is eating the world. (Marc Andreesson)

Software comes in various flavours. There is the OS, the middleware and the applications. There is a host of other software falling into categories like utilities, plug-ins, games etc. Software has the following characteristics:

  • It works on top of hardware. Thus hardware is a must.
  • Software has a personality.
  • Deep down it’s a bunch of zeroes and ones.

Here are some varieties:

The know it all

This kind of software is the one which chases the holy grail. The best example is Windows 10 which claims to work on all kinds of devices (hardware). That is as far as the OS is concerned. In applications, it would be ERP, which claims to work for the entire organization. These software tries to keep up to the integration challenge.

The specialist

This is a niche seeker. For example, which is a CRM software. These software solve a single problem of an individual, a department or the organization. Most of the software in the market follow this model.

The change seeker

These kind of software keeps on getting updated with changes which are frequent in nature, say in days and weeks. Good example would be OS’s which keeps releasing patches or anti-virus software which keeps updating its signature list.

The leader

The software in this category aims at a leadership position. The no. 1 database software is ORACLE which until now did not have a contender. Another example would be Wordpress, which seems to vie for the position of blogging leader.

The follower

For a particular category of software, there are many followers. For instance, blogger and tumblr are followers of Wordpress in the blogging world. ORACLE ERP is a follower to SAP. SugarCRM is a follower of SalesForce.

The above is just a peep into the many more kinds of software categories. Software development is both art and science, as well. The new category of self modifying software is quite eerie, as they promise a world of software which will arise without human intervention. Whatever maybe the case, we are in a world where we cannot live without software.



Wednesday, August 05, 2015

How are we similar to a Machine

If you consider yourself as a Computer, there are five things important to you :

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Network


Our brain acts like a parallel processing computer. One where there is no single CPU but multiples. These CPU’s crunch incoming data from our senses and produce reactions. There are three parts of the brain:

  • The reptilian brain (Fight / Flight Response)
  • The Limbic system (Emotions)
  • The pre-frontal cortex (Day to day survival needs)

The reptilian brain is synonymous to exception handling in CPU of a computer. The limbic system are the instructions which trigger the output- for example displaying a video. The pre-frontal cortex is like the Operating System which does things like Garbage cleaning (some are done by the compiler/interpreter itself), Deadlock resolution etc.

The brain can be in any one of the states of consciousness:

  • Beta (awakened state)
  • Alpha (Relaxed state)
  • Theta (Nearing Sleep)
  • Delta (Deep Sleep)

In a CPU this correlates to the Clock speed of the computer. The CPU further consists of the microinstructions (instruction set), the registers and memory. In our brains, this is the beliefs and values and the different kinds of memory that we possess.


The brain has memory (both short term and long term). Even the cells have memory,in it’s DNA. Memory that is used for day to day activities is the short term memory, whereas memory inside a CPU is in the ROM (instruction set) . The long term memory is the RAM of the system. Note that when we sleep, the RAM is no longer required. But the short term memory is. (Instruction set in ROM)


For a computer, the storage is in the form of Hard Disks or SSD’s. For the brain, we have memory in the form of subconscious which can be compared to storage.


Is the throughput, or how much of data can be processed. This refers to the size of the data bus of a CPU. (32 bits / 64 bits etc). For our brain as it’s a parallel computer and responds through many neural pathways, the bandwidth can be very high.


This is the external senses through which we perceive the world and respond. For a Computer it can be the ethernet connection or the Wi-Fi speed.

It looks like we and our silicon neighbours are quite identical and as time passes by we will see the similarities increase, till a point where a human will be half machine and half human.

And that will be the arrival of Kalki, the next avatar of God.



Thursday, July 30, 2015

Till death do we part

Do not get attached to the thoughts that come in your mind. They keep coming and going. No reason to get stuck to any of them. In the same way, do not dodge emotions/feelings that make you feel bad. Let them come and go. As you know, none of these thoughts or emotions are permanent in nature. Pretty much like life. Still we take life so seriously. We plan, strategize, do all that makes us feel good. Not knowing that the average life span of seventy-seven years will pass like a blink. Whichever way you may have lived, you have come here with empty hands and will go back empty handed. Ironic, isn’t it ? But during the time that you are a guest of this beautiful planet, you have a job to do. To make it better, in any way, that you are capable of. Fend not just for yourself, but others too. Bring a smile to one more face or a million faces, if you can. And you would’ve lived your life well…

So what is the purpose of all this? Well, the answer is zilch. Nothing. You have to find your own purpose, or better yet, create it. You see, life is like a football match. Some get to play the goalkeeper, some get to play the referee. When the match starts (when you are born) everybody is cheering you. You have a limited time (a lifespan) to play the match well. When the match ends (death) everyone returns back home. In the meanwhile, either you have played well or not, your turn is over. People may remember you, if you played well. Or else your name gets buried with the names of those who did not make a difference. Playing a match is not that difficult, however scoring a goal is. That is what makes you a winner. No matter what, you must score.

There will always be people who are antagonistic to your ways. You just can’t avoid that. But the magic is to keep believing in your dreams, still when the opposition is loudest. Do not give up your dreams and goals. Do not stop and falter, when you are in adverse situations. You should bounce back even more when the circumstances are harsh. That shows that you are made of metal. So strong that pressure does not bend it. Water does not rust it. The wind does not erode it. Once you have figured out what you want to do, go right after it, with full determination. To rest for  a while, it’s OK. But do not quit. Failures are just breakpoints. You need to watch your moves – your strategies – if they are not getting you where you are headed. Make the appropriate change and then get on it.

Now what if you pass away in the midst of all the action- with some unfulfilled dreams? Do not fret. The fact that you have tried your best is enough. Maybe you won’t end up in the legends list. But you will also not be on the wayfarer’s. There is a lot of scope for someone alike you, who (he/she) can complete your dreams. Give it a chance. But you must have had some traction with your goals. Things that you count as important. Some milestones achieved. Say you are a businessman who dreamt of building a billion dollar business. And it’s still in the millions when you had to go away. Maybe someone will pick up the threads and make your dream complete. You see – the dream is important – not who does it. Because folks – this life is a very short affair – live it to the best you can, when you can, till you can.

To your dreams,


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Seven spiritual laws of success

1. Know thyself
It’s very important for you to know yourself. This is the secret to realizing God. When you know your self (soul), you get to know God. You will feel an overwhelming sense of peace thereafter. Get to know your emotions and thoughts well. See clearly the actions that you take based on them. Get rid of negative subconscious beliefs. Know your strengths and weaknesses clearly. Work on them. Despite all shortcomings, learn to accept yourself the way you are. But work towards improving each second. Because the only purpose of life is growth. Raise your vibration level, till you achieve the sublime. Propel your strengths and realize the gifts that God has given you. You are a blessed person. Understand that and above all, feel that in your day to day life.
2. Pay attention
If you don’t have a focussed mind, you have work to do. Pay attention to everything around you. Notice the subtle and the not-so-subtle. When listening, listen with your full energy. If some things are not clear, wait and listen again, till it so becomes. If your mind is distracted, learn to bring it under control. Point it to the thing you want your attention to dwell on. The mind is like a drunken monkey, but we can learn to keep it under our control. Try Yoga or meditation. If you are paying proper attention to life, you will always be in awe of it. You will wait for everyday to begin and accept the things that come your way. Just pay heed to them and take action after fully attending to them. Focus.
3. Act
Do not procrastinate. The shortest distance between your current state and future is intention. Be hard core about it. You cannot achieve your future state unless you act on that intention. The law of attraction says ‘Ask-Believe-Receive’. But between he last 2 steps there is one thing missing and that is action. Too many people dream about success without acting. These dreams do not have enough gravitational pull to make them manifest. Only your actions can make them do so. It’s very important for you to take steps towards your dreams everyday. Maybe baby steps, but walk you must, on the road to your dreams.
4. Accept failure
Despite your best intentions, you may not succeed in some of your ventures. Accept them gracefully. Dissect them. Learn from them and let them go. Move to your next plan. You see there is not a single person on this Earth who ha not failed. Failure is a lesson to us, that we did not make proper moves or maybe did not plan enough or maybe mixed up emotions or whatever it may be. This is a step towards our eventual success. Failure is akin to darkness. You need that in order to see light – our success. That has a sweeter taste. Celebrate your failures like success.
5. Make Friends
In this short life, one way to go about is by making friends all the while along. You see friendship is a gift from God. You can choose them, unlike relatives where you cannot exercise the choice. But making friends today is easy. Facebook. Bebo. Myspace etc. But these are virtual friends. Nothing beats the feeling of having real friends and downing a pint or two with them by your side. The talks are the cake’s icing. So make as many friends as you can. Share your story. Listen to theirs. Smile at them, be supportive and empathize. There are 7 billion of them waiting to hear from you. You may run short of time, but not friends.
6. Follow your love
Its very important to spend time on that which concerns you. Do only those things that you long for. Do not be in a job which you hate. Follow your call. If you love to dance, be a dancer. If you love to run, be an athlete. If you love to talk, be an anchor. Do only that which comes naturally to you. Your gifts from God have to be exercised. Do not waste time running after that which you detest. This life is a short phenomenon. Make sure that you have lived it to the fullest by working on your desires and see your dreams taking shape before your eyes. Only do that which appeals to you. Do not go against your inner nature.
7. Thank God
Everyday. Every single minute. You owe that to God.You are in this current state for reasons that are beyond your guesses. Only God knows your way ahead. He has already given you a lot of gifts. Like say your health. Your family. Your friends. And there are so many other wonderful things that he has sent your way that it is not enough even if you say thanks to him. Believe in his power and believe in yourself. Keep thanking him. It will open your channel to God and he will shower his blessings on you. You may have been in a war-torn country or other situations that would have been really dis-tasteful. Thank him that you have a life that you look forward to and remember all that he wants from us is to grow towards him. Step by step. Second by second. And that too is in your favour.
To your best,