Saturday, April 12, 2014

Talent, Attitude and Execution

We all want to succeed in life. It all depends on what we mean by success. For somebody success is making a million dollars. For somebody else, it’s how famous you are. Some people think that being appreciated in the office is a mark of success. Thus the definition varies from person to person. For me success is the ability of tuning with God’s progress. That means being in sync with nature’s flow. You see there are three things needed for success in the real world.  They are talent, attitude and execution. If these three are complimenting each other, one achieves a lot of success in the worldly sense. So let’s explore each one of them.

First comes talent. You see, God has gifted all of us with a lot of latent talent. Some of them manifest in our lives, and some go unnoticed. Someone is a good singer, somebody else is a good artist and maybe we have some people who are good at channelizing their emotions. All different types of talents exist in this multi-faceted world. For talented people, one thing is common. They have all realized that they are talented.  And this realization is the first step. Once we realize our talent we have to sharpen it. Like the saw that needs a sharpening every now and then. So does talent. Once it is sharpened and perfected, it becomes a master script for that person. Remember to develop it.

Second comes  attitude. Many a people, have open and closed attitudes. Open people are flexible to ideas and are willing to change. Closed people are not very receptive to new ideas. It’s the difference between introverts an extroverts. Some people  have deep set beliefs which make them extra hard. They are not willing to change. It’s better to be an optimist  than a pessimist. An optimist always carries a positive attitude and is available for new ideas. Plus he/she is willing to change. For succeeding in life, this is a must have qualification. Because in life things don’t happen the way we want always. Hence we must have the courage to change if required.          

The third attribute that a successful person has is efficiency in execution. If you notice this is the last and most important step. Some people really execute well. Some people don’t seem to live up to their act. It varies. The idea is to be professional in work that we do to such an extent that people notice that you are a dependable person. Fanatic Support, like Rackspace calls it’s webhosting. Attitude does make a difference. But most important is execution. The style and panache that we add to everyday work. People who finish with finesse, finish first and are remembered by all. Some top management people like CEO’s sometimes are so far away from their front desk (customer facing) that they develop error-prone strategies. Always dirty your hands and then execute, with all your passion. You will succeed.

To your best,


Friday, March 21, 2014

Who am I ?

Has this question bothered you many times? Since eons, man has been trying to find a satisfactory answer to this question. Some people associate this question with the most straight forward solution of a name. Yes. Their own name. That is quite simple. The point to observe is that the name is something we get baptized mostly by our family. Do we really respond to a name when we are say 3 months old? As we grow up we associate ourselves with our name. And them it becomes a primary part of our ego. When people start calling our names, we actually feel good. We also to a lot of extent rationalize our name’s existence when others address us by the same.

But this is just the beginning, or the tip of the iceberg. Beyond that brain identification of name, lies a subtle identity of who we are. We are actually souls trapped within a body with brain. A spiritual being, if I may. Actually, we are all God’s children and part and parcel of the infinite spark. Thus, this makes us beings with infinite potential. We can dream of anything and make it come true. As Richard Bach says “You are not given a dream, without being given the power to make it come true.” Or as Aerosmith sings “Dream on. Dream on, till your dreams come true.”

The Ego identification of the name is very powerful. So powerful that it can drown all other emotions and beliefs that we may have. To override beliefs, the Ego really has to be strong. All thoughts are filtered by the Ego, before it reaches the subconscious. Hence we may not be seeing the reality as it is. The Ego is a master mind bender and can edit the gut feel thoughts also. The Ego works in the beta scale, while the mind can work on lower vibrations like delta,theta and alpha. The Ego is so strong that some of these mental states induce can also contain remnants of it. It just doesn’t disappear, because if it were to, we would be brain dead.

A world of opportunity exists in the realm of the divine and this can only be achieved by silencing the Ego. So how do we really bypass the Ego. There are many ways. One of them is Meditation. Another one is Holosync. And the list goes on. The idea is to put ourselves in a lower vibrational state, so that we can feel the power of the silence. It’s in the gap that God exists. 99.99% of the universe is made of space. Did you know that? And this space or the infinite silence is where we come from and to where we will go after our death. so don’t be identified by a simple name. We are all much more than that and are divine beings meant to enjoy bliss.

Forever …


Friday, March 07, 2014

Never lose your hope

No matter what your present looks like or no matter if your past has been traumatic, keep in mind that you have to be hopeful. Of a better tomorrow, a better world. Keep your hope high. Never give in to  those negative thoughts that haunt you everyday. They make you cynical. I know it’s very difficult to stay positive always. But try hard, one day you will make it. To the top. And there is no stopping you. The only thing that lies between you and your dream is the effort. So work hard and stay focussed. You will reach your destination soon.

You have to actually enjoy the journey, although you are focussed towards your goal. Keep your hopes high, and only think positive. The name of the game is to avoid distractions which put you in a negative spiral. Think of your positive moments. Every day you wake up, think of your greatest achievement and keep savouring it throughout the day. At the end of the day, consciously review what thoughts did you think in the day. How much of them are cornering on hope.

Hope is the light that guides us always. It eggs us on. The light at the end of the tunnel is what you should be viewing. There are many people who have faced challenges in life, but never gave up. Because they know that one day they will make it. Humour can be a very useful tool to put us in a good mood. Use it prudently. Another thing that can put us in a positive frame is walking. Along with nature. It helps us stay calm and focussed. Try whatever puts you in a good mood.

Once again, let me tell you –> Never give up.The lives of great men are examples that we can emulate. They were also made of the same stuff that we are. Hence, I don’t see a plausible reason why we can’t make it. Time is going forward. It never comes back. So bury your past, focus on the future and live in the present. Be happy always and make somebody smile everyday. Keep improving, and never ever give up the hope for your dream. It’s just at the end of the block.

Keep Walking …


Monday, March 03, 2014

The power of will

One thing that we definitely need in life is Focus. Imagine if we were to attend to all the thoughts that cross our mind, we would go crazy. Our focus determines our future path. If our focus is not clear, we need to take steps to reinstate it. Remember the good old saying “Focus on what you are good at”. That is a golden maxim. We are all born with so many talents, we just need to spend time on what we are good at. That itself will last a long time. Now what about things we are not good at ? We have to keep improving on them. But will we get sufficient time to focus on both. I don’t know. Maybe yes or maybe not.

In our lifetime, we worry about so many unnecessary things. The focus gets scattered if we do that. I cannot tell you what to focus on, except that if it’s good go for it. But what may seem good to you may not be the same for another person. So go by your gut feel. It’s right. You may tend to lose focus, if you simply let your mind decide everything. By that I mean your Ego. That too, the selfish Ego. Learn to listen to nature. You will soon discover the pleasantness that comes along with it, which helps us focus. Some people are able to focus better than others.

But in the end, we all require it. To succeed. What we focus upon becomes true. I mean it manifests. What we spend more time upon, is surely the thing that will blossom. You know the magnifying glass when held in sunlight, can burn a piece of paper. Now, that is cutting edge focus. If we are able to concentrate our focus to such an extent, it can prove to be beneficial for us. Focus has depth. In fact it is depth. The work that we do is a result of our focus on the subject. If we have really done our job with focus, it will turn out to be exceptional. Nothing short.

Focus brings confidence along with it. It also aids in better recall. Because what we focus on gets imprinted in our memories and hence we are able to recollect it better. Focus on what you need out of life, and then go get it. Another synonym for focus is concentration. The more, the better. Say goodbye to distractions. Focus on your work now. And soon you will realize that what seems to be an effort, will come naturally to you. And then you will be in the flow of things. Quite naturally. As focus becomes a habit for you, the truth will begin to emerge from the veil that seems to cover it.

To your success,


Monday, February 10, 2014

Once you have dreamed it, go right after it !

Do you have regrets? Of how things could have been? Everyone in this world has the same story. Looking back, there are things which bother us because of the way it worked out. You swear to yourself that next time it would be different. Well, that’s it. You have learned your lesson. Now let it go. Do not keep reminiscing unpleasant situations. Because they put you in a ‘down’ mood. Always be in a jovial positive mood. Those things which bother you from the past are just time guzzlers and will impact the way you work today. No matter how bad it would have been, take my advice, let it go. Forgive yourself first before forgiving others. Most of the people do not achieve the pinnacle of success, because the fear of failure keeps haunting them. Are you one of them? Tell me any one person who has not failed before he hit the news. We all do. So accept failure as a lesson and try not to repeat it.

Think of failure as a motivator than something that puts you off. If you don’t succeed at first, try again. And then again and again, till you reach the goal. Failure should make you a better person if you learned some lessons from it. Thomas Edison, Michael Jordan and all other great personalities have failed many times before they hit the ‘A-ha’ moment. So do not be afraid to fail. Have you heard of that saying that a soldier who gets up when wounded, to fight, falls again, but gets up again, is the real soldier. In one word, perseverance. Keep trying. If plan A doesn’t work out, try plan B. But before you proceed, understand why the earlier plan did not work. Maybe the plan was not well thought of. Or maybe the market research was faulty. Whatever it be, identify it, so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes again. Come what may, there is only one option viz. success.

Most of the innovations do not happen in surroundings of plenty. They are born in adverse circumstances. So you may have your challenges, but you have to find a way out. First and the most important – Believe in yourself. You are God’s spark. You are destined to do great things. Mundane things are for people who believe in status-quo. You are born gifted with certain talent. Identify that calling within you and go right after it. Do not even pay heed to nay-sayers. Those who are truly on your side will spur you on. If you have come across some of your short comings, try to eliminate them or better yet outsource the part that you are not good at. This is pure startup advice. For those in jobs, you can hire the talent like say accounting, law at a fees. Pretty much like outsourcing. When you wake up in the morning, there should be a rush of energy that tells you of things that remain as errands on your to-do list of the day.

Do not be blind. Always sit back and analyze your actions. I suggest when you are taking the shower or simply before sleep. Run the day through you and analyze what actions went well and what went wrong. IF your day is about to start, visualize, what you are going to do. I use an organizer which I fire up every morning to record the tasks and events. (new as well as pending) Remember the Bible saying, Knock and it shall be opened for you. All you got to do is put in the work. Some people think that simply asking the Universe will bring it to them. Well, you have to factor in the work required to make it come true. If your intent is true and your work perfect, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from achieving what you want. It’s a magical world and we are all magical beings (spirits trapped inside a human body). The spirit is limitless and that’s what we all are. Without beginning or end. Life is just a fun ride. So enjoy that as long as it lasts.

To your dreams …


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Progress is the only aim of life

Is life a big riddle? I don’t think so. The only purpose of life is progress – to evolve. In all ways. When you see around, there are some people who are more evolved than others. You can make out that. By evolution, I don’t mean a person who has more knowledge or money. But wisdom. Knowledge applied and absorbed. A person who is more spiritually evolved than others is simply so, because of his/her actions. Actions which leads towards freedom, emancipation and wisdom. In the great epic, the Bhagwad Gita, Lord Krishna mentions of three ways in which a person progresses towards God realization. They are : through your actions (karma), through knowledge (jnana) and through prayer (bhakti). All these roads lead to the same point, which is God. And when I say progress in life, it’s towards achieving God realization. We have to remove our weaknesses and amplify our strengths. As we move towards perfection (God), we move one step towards liberation.

Liberation from what? To dissolve our cycle of repeated births and deaths. Once we get to that purely refined state we eliminate rebirth. We become one with God. Till then we have to keep on learning. And take births till our evolution is complete. There have been many wise people in the history of Earth who have achieved this goal. And they have passed on the knowledge down the generations. Different religions prescribe different ways. But all point towards one ultimate truth, which is God. There have been prophets throughout history who have brought the message of God. In fact Lord Krishna says that, when evil proliferates, he takes birth in human form to eradicate it. In his next avatar, he will be half man and half machine (Kalki) Evil is a minority phenomenon. It really doesn’t really exist, because one who is evil is actually at the lower scale of human evolution.

But there have been people in the history who were murderers, but with a change of heart, went on to realize God. Hence, you really don’t have to wait for many births. You can do it in this lifetime. It’s entirely up to you. All it take is courage and wisdom. Daily add new learning's to your internal database. Learn, Reflect and Act. Thus daily you will add on to yourself. You have to make progress step by step and work towards perfection. If you do this diligently, one day you will become a refined soul like the great ones. Remember to share your wisdom with others. From normal to Godliness. That is the only aim. Keep on keeping on. Listen to that inner voice of yours which will guide you in the right direction. Never go against your conscience. Be good. Do good, And all that you do will automatically come back to you. If it doesn’t, persevere. It will, one day.

Even if you don’t consciously progress, you will, without your knowledge. Look around you. There is progress everywhere. For example, in technology. Imagine what you were using ten years ago and what you are using today. The chips inside the computers are becoming more and more powerful, giving them astonishing capabilities. Computers will assist us in our spiritual evolution. Already they help us to b more efficent and accurate. They will help us with insights, sing analytics. Such insights can be classified as a type of wisdom. With the advent of Big Data and associated analytics, Computers are embracing a whole range of new inputs and collating it to give us the information that we seek. Technology today is all-pervasive. And very soon you will find them giving us sermons in the church instead of a priest or calling the people for their daily prayers and soon assist everyone with whatever it is that the are after. Shortcut to evolution.

Plenty of it coming everyone’s way …


Friday, January 17, 2014

Trust in yourself

If there is one thing that can be deemed to be the most important aspect of life, it can be summed up in one word: ‘Trust’. First trust yourself. Do not play games. It’s very essential to believe in yourself. You are like a beacon for the rest of the world or I must say Universe, to be more appropriate. You radiate energy. Every single moment. Never listen to anyone who tries to put you down. You are not inferior to anyone, neither are you superior. All are born equal. We all come from the Universe and we shall all return back once our tenure on this planet is completed. Like Richard Bach says in his book ‘There is only one way to know whether your mission on Earth is complete. If you are alive, it isn’t.’ We are all born with a mission. To serve others, in whatever way we can. All of us do that to a certain extent. Our goal should be to multiply the effort. The more we reach out to the better.

Technology today helps us to reach out more people than we could have imagined a 100 years ago at the speed of light. There are social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. where we can post our thoughts to be immediately received by people. Isn’t that exciting? Our goal of serving more people is enabled by technology. The mobile phone is another wonderful tool to reach out people. We can have multiple level conversations by using tools like Snapchat, Wechat etc. Technology is getting faster and better. In today’s world, hardly anyone is left out. Even people living in rural areas are now connected. You don’t really need a full fledged computer to stay in touch. A smartphone or even a low end mobile (with SMS facility) will do. If you have a GPRS connection, then accessing the internet can become easy. You can send mails, browse and access social networking sites.

Let’s come back to the topic of Trust’. When you send a mail, you don’t assume that it won’t be delivered. When you are viewing a profile on LinkedIn, you don’t think that somebody is watching you. Likewise when you are chatting, you know that others are not privy to your conversation. We trust technology to be safe. But still we hear about hacking and other maladies. Are we living in a secure world? Before I tell you the truth, let’s look at what makes technology possible. It’s a combination of hardware and software, the latter being more prominent. You see when you buy software, you are just buying bits and bytes. It’s invisible. You can’t touch it or see it. However you can see how it works. Now let’s say you bought Microsoft Windows. There is no way for you to know what those millions of lines of software code contains. Maybe they contain easter eggs plated by some upset programmer. So to answer your question whether we live in a secure world, the truth is ‘No’.

This  doesn’t imply that we be paranoid. To a lot of extent, software works as it is advertised. Most of the websites provide secure credentials to protect your data. The number of websites, apps etc. that are safe are more compared to those that aren’t. But you never know what will happen tomorrow. For example, what will happen to me, if my laptop crashes tomorrow and I lose all that data on it. Especially when I haven’t backed it up. So now we come back to the question, do we trust technology? Yes to a great extent. 90% if you ask me. It’s the same when we deal with people. Do we trust all of them. If your answer is ‘Yes’ you are probably na├»ve and if your answer is ‘No’ you are a pessimist. But the most important part of al this is to trust yourself unconditionally. You are the master of your fate. You are the captain of your soul. So go ahead and do whatever you believe in. Have firm faith. and this time it should not be 90%. Make it 100% and things will materialize.



Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Tech Predictions - 2014

Welcome to 2014! Here are my technology predictions for this year:

  1. Cloud computing will take off. Hybrid clouds to be in vogue. More people will embrace cloud as they realize the hidden potential and value in them. The IaaS scene will be invaded by Telecom providers and vendors like Amazon, Microsoft and Google will move to PaaS. The migration won’t be completed in 2014 although this year the initiation is bound to happen.
  2. Big Data (Hadoop and SQL Hadoop) will emerge as a mainstream tool for analyzing thousands of records and identify the pin in the haystack. Big Data by itself is not useful, but when coupled with analytics will be a force to contend with. BigData will mostly be used with NoSQL repositories.
  3. Mobile and BYOD to double this year. As companies try to tackle the management challenges when facing security issues, they would increase number of helpdesk personnel to manage the same. Independent vendors can note the need of automated programs for this space. Right now there are not many players.
  4. Wearable computing to see new entrants competing with the likes of Google and Samsung and would come out with innovative products. Like Google Glass and Samsung Gear, there will be new entrants especially in healthcare.
  5. Intranets to get a major facelift in terms of new interface and integration. Sharepoint and web based intranets to excel. Company core data will be transformed for consumption on the intranet. Integration with all other value adding applications is imminent.
  6. Ecommerce to become more verticalised. Many vendors would emerge as specialty vendors selling more than their wares. Ecommerce companies will partner with each other to fill in the gaps and there will be some consolidation in this space. Sales will rocket - 150% is my guess.
  7. Laptops and Notebooks to make a comeback. They were really never going to be replaced with Tablets. Tablets are complimentary. PC sales would increase compared to the dismal figures of 2013. Revival of office computing, as more take on to Tablets after office hours.
  8. Internet of things (Sensors etc) will start seeing more software vendors which offer a variety of programs to monitor the same. This will pave the way for Big Data revolution. Although sound analytics will be required to make decisions based on the Internet of things. The whole earth will become one big interconnected place.
  9. Security will be a major concern among management. As hackers get more sophisticated, there will be newer tools besides antivirus which can deal with different attack vectors. Malware in all its forms will be tackled and sites would become more secure. The ghost of NSA would still lurk in the minds of people.
  10. New super chips to make appearance. For example Graphene based chips, although I doubt if production of such chips would start in 2014. Chips with more cores and GPU capability to invade the scene. Low power chips and SSDD to become more prevalent.

That’s my list for this year.

Happy 2014 to all of you.

Many Thanks.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Are Computers Alive ?

Do computers have a soul? That very well depends on what we mean by the soul. The soul is a part and parcel of the larger grand soul or God. It permeates everywhere. In living and non living things. If we go by this definition, then we can say that indeed computers do have a soul. The soul is the ultimate indivisible  article. Some scientists say that the Higgs-Boson particle is the God particle. But I have my own doubts. Because you see, there is no God particle as such. He pervades everywhere, within matter and the void space. The soul is the most powerful thing that will ever be known. To experience it’s own power, soul created matter and non living things. It enjoys its experience through living beings like us. About it’s nature, Lord Krishna in the Bhagvad Gita says “It can’t be wetted by water or burned by fire”. Thus the soul is much more powerful than the five elements.

Computers deep down are nothing but souped up calculators. They work in binary (0’s and 1’s) language. As we build abstractions (nobody writes in machine language) that take us away from the innards of the computer, it becomes more and more user friendly. The soul is not just present inside a program but also threads (program or process divided into finer units) Once a class is abstracted as an object, it literally lives in the memory before being evicted by a  destructor method. However infinitesimally we divide the program, the soul lives everywhere – inside a polymorphic function, in the values returned by a function and in the libraries. Inside every API (Application Programming Interface) is the presence of the soul. Every socket used for communication, every disk write and every device that is attached to the computer, the soul lives inside. It just experiences the happening.

The soul really doesn’t care whether somebody lives or dies. Similarly, inside a computer there are so many processes which are invoked by a user and after completion of the task they simply are there no more. The soul just watches the fun of a program being executed by the CPU (Central Processing Unit). It watches the CPU like it watched our mind. Simply observing, without passing value judgments. Like the mind can cloud the judgment of  person, the CPU also restricts a program functionality based on its instruction set. No matter however hard you try, you are restricted by the instruction set. This applies to a program also. The number of API’s available within a platform will dictate its usefulness and success. Variations in different kind of CPU is like the difference between individuals. Everyone comes with the instruction set (hereditary factors and past karma) that defines their basic value-systems. But if the soul wishes, it can transform this repertoire into something more appropriate.

The soul is identified as a part of the bigger ultimate phenomenon called God. Its everywhere. When somebody dies the soul simply picks up the next body or non living entity into which it enters. This is a easy version of the truth. Actually, the soul is everywhere.  It always has been. And there is no difference qualitatively between one soul and another. For example, two individuals only differ by their form and mind intricacies. Their souls are the same, qualitatively speaking. Coming back to computers, it’s similar. A PC or a MAC may look different (As per their form and CPU) but they serve the same purpose holistically. To be of use to some people somewhere. The soul definitely exists inside them and there is no virus or any other malware that can affect the soul. The CPU (mind) may be reprogrammed, but not the soul. Not a chance – even if we had a thousand life times.

Do give this a thought …


Friday, December 13, 2013

Your inner call – dissecting your brain

Within your mind is infinite possibilities all laid down for you to seize and manifest them. You see, your brain consists of three parts viz. the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious. All these work in a sequence. When you are awake, the conscious part of the brain receives stimuli from the external world. Some of them get filtered into the subconscious. Others are rejected by your conscious. The stimulus can be visual, audio, olfactory or simply touch. You associate particular meanings to them and your emotions react to these thoughts. From the loudest noise to the faintest whisper, your brain records the thoughts that are associated with them. A thought is nothing but a memory trace recorded as a pattern of neurons. The entire brain keeps changing, depending on day to day stimulus and the thoughts that we think as a result. Newer neural pathways and updates to the old one are happening every second.

The conscious part of the brain is the gatekeeper. It allows thoughts to enter the subconscious selectively. When you are in the awake mode your brain waves are vibrating at higher frequency called ‘beta’.The lower frequencies are ‘alpha’, ‘theta’ and ‘delta’. As you go to lower frequencies you start becoming calmer. In ‘Beta’ mode, your brain makes a lot of noise. Unwanted thoughts keep coming in and your filtering mechanisms may fail. As you go into the lower frequencies, you start thinking better. To know how the brain operates in the ‘Beta’ mode, stay still when you are awake. Just watch the train of thoughts that you generate every minute. do not judge the thoughts. Just watch them pass. Now stay in the moment by thinking of nothing – I mean put a cessation to the unlicensed thoughts entering your brain. Just be. And you will suddenly find a peace dawning on you. The conscious has to be controlled, else it can make the whole experience of life messy.

Your subconscious is the next part of the brain. It contains your experiences, beliefs and value system. The subconscious receives command from the conscious. It just stores all the impressions of thoughts and other things you have picked up while you were growing up. It does not judge thoughts. Hence it’s very easy for negative thoughts (gremlins) also to get in and stay put. When you are hypnotized, what the doctor just did was bypassing your conscious and directly commanding your subconscious. You can be made to do anything. The subconscious if imprinted with the right positive mental attitude can give rise to a powerful personality. You hear about manifesting our dreams. It’s nothing but carving a groove of this dream into your subconscious. The subconscious is your mental make up. When you listen to somebody, you may agree or disagree depending on the imprint of your subconscious. Thus it is a very powerful part of the brain.

The unconscious or the God part of the brain connects deeper with the universe. This is where God talks back to us. Both the conscious and the subconscious have access to it. However, in normal waking states, it’s difficult to access it. It’s a treasure-trove. Our intuition comes from this part of the brain. And intuitions are very powerful. If we live by them, our whole life takes up a very meaningful approach to life. As you know that most people get to where the are by trial and error, because they don’t listen to that inner voice. Well, that is God’s voice inside our head. Our own intuition. Some people say that the past lives information is also stored here. Some debate it to be in the subconscious. Let it be anyways, but remember that the voice inside your head (not delusionary) – the real voice is the universe signaling you to spur into action. Act on it. And you will find things falling in place again.