Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Time why you punish me

What seems as time is relative. Time slows down and runs fast when you focus on work. Time, why you punish me – goes Hootie and the blowfish. Time is Saturn. The destroyer of the foes and friends. If you can understand the me, then I can understand the you. (Metallica) This reversed is true. Time does not wait for anyone. At the cost of anyone or anything, it’s worth waiting for you. Parents, Teachers, Citizens – all will be consumed by Time. If you consume say 2 bottles of whiskey or a pint of beer, which is more harmful ? The whiskey of course. If you wish that others are not going to mind you, have perseverance. You should know how to act, not just intention. Everyday is a pain if you live wrong. A life right lived is an invitation to God – Or time – Or Shiva. No use reading vedanta if you are a monster.

Do not use people. I’m feeling like I’m going to break down. Everytime you repeat that same old mistake. Your kids will grow up, you will move on. You need a backbone, not just talks. Work is silence and that is the innermost truth. Corelations are above causality.  You may go public. But only if you hit it right are you going to survive. Thrive. What a stink, if you don’t achieve what you intend to do. You may live in the condo, but dream big. You should know how to mask your wrong decisions. Apologize if you are wrong. You will emerge a stronger man. There is no harm in admitting that your were not right.Have you seen God ? This life is not to be withered away. It has to be lived rightly. Numbers do not mean anything.at all. They may influence you, but believe in your will power. It will take you a long way.



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