Friday, February 19, 2016

We end where we started

We may think that we are going ahead in life in a linear way, but all progress is coming back to the original being. That means childhood. We start as young infants and then grow up to be an old person. This journey is not really progress, but returning back to the original. Like that Enigma song, Love - Emotion - Don't be afraid to be free - Don't be afraid to be strong - Just look into your heart, my friend - That will be the return to yourself - the return to innocence. In case you are thinking, is that really true - ask yourself- in this moment - what do you feel like ? An adult or a child. The answer is in God's eyes you are a child - an eternal child. Without any limits, You are pure love and nothing less. You are the gift of God.

Could go on and on but here are a few things to remember :

  • You are a child
  • An eternal beautiful child
  • An adult who is in a Child's body
  • An old man in a Adults body
  • You are living in a real world
  • Which is not an illusion

And finally,

It doesn't get better than this.

With all my heart ...


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