Saturday, February 25, 2017

You will always be beautiful, In my eyes ...

No matter what you do, no matter who you are or in what walk of life you are, know that you are loved, beyond infinity. You really do not have to be a star or a celebrity. Whatever may be your definition of success and whether you reach it or not, please be sure of one thing – you are a special person – a limited edition. There is nobody in the Universe like you. You deserve all the happiness in the world – and be sure that you can count on that graceful Lord who is by your side, always.

Maybe life has been a rough ride. Maybe you have qualms about things or people or events. Just trust in your Self and maybe this time, things will turn out just the way you planned. Learn to persevere. Sometimes life hits you like a 40-ton brick. And all you want is mama’s arms. But behind every adversity is opportunity. Actually, there are no adversities. It’s all opportunities, which the good Lord keeps sending our way.

Round and round it goes – know that there is a divine plan behind this all. Trust in Jesus, Allah, Krishna or whoever you pray to. Make sure that you pray. His/Her ways are magnificent. We cannot try to figure it out. Maybe the dots do not connect now – but believe that, it will, someday in the future. So, hang in there. Go drink a lemonade from the lemons that life has given you, although you like apples. You will be drinking apple juice one day. Very Soon. (Just wait for a while).

Thank God for what you have been given. Don’t look at what you don’t have. There is no end to that. All material things are subject to change. Do not define your happiness by material things. For example, that car that you just bought may become mediocre after 1 month of use. This kind of happiness is temporary. Base your happiness on the Lord. Because amidst this changing world, He/She never changes and neither does His/Her love.

So let me a see a smile on your face because you will always be beautiful in my eyes. (says the Lord)

Thanks : Joshua Kadison / Steve Jobs

Friday, February 03, 2017

Its the data, not the program

Computing is simply about 2 things :
  • Data

  • Program

Which came first ? Of course, the data. What do we mean by data ? Well, data is something that is pure, untouched, virgin, pristine or simply not processed. For example milk that we get from a cow is data. When this milk is converted into yogurt or clarified butter or cheese, then it becomes information, which is another word for processed data.
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Data in its raw state is like mother nature. As long as we see things objectively, we are witnessing the true side of things. We really don’t need a program to see nature, as it is. This viewing without any affliction’s is called Chitta (a part of our mind). Not many of us see with the Chitta of our mind.
Instead, most of us view nature subjectively through our values, beliefs, ideas, opinions etc. Hence what we see may appear colored, whereas it’s not. This is what happens when we use a program. It converts the meaning of pure data into a higher abstraction called information. This further becomes knowledge (actionable information) and Intelligence (patterns). Finally this intelligence is converted into wisdom through our experience. Wisdom is nothing but the discrimination between good and bad. If the wisdom that we acquire by processing data is good, well then the purpose of the data is served. However, if we stop at knowledge or intelligence, then the interpretation of that data is left to the observer. Every single one of us has a subjective universe, existing in our mind. We spin dreams and stories upon stories to protect what we think is right. If you look at nature, it doesn’t have any contradictions. We do. Because we see things through our lens.
Now what does this have to do with computing ? Well our brain is the algorithm that acts on data collected by our five senses (limited) and interprets it to arrive at some conclusion. A program is simply a set of instructions which operates on data. (or should I say a version of the data). In order for the program to do a good job, it must have the right data. If there are 10,000 data points in a problem, all of them should be available to the program. Sampling or extrapolating won’t be as useful as ‘N’ or all data points. Now you see why MDM (Master Data Management) is so crucial.
GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out.
With the advent of Big Data, the data from various sources are being crunched to give a unified view of the situation. However, note that too many data sources may worsen the output. Only use as many datasets, as is required.The days when the data used to go where the program is located is becoming extinct. Now the program goes to data. (Hadoop)
The algorithm is getting complex. But even the smartest AI algorithm that we have today pales in comparison to what a single human cell does in a second (3 trillion operations)
Miles to go  before we sleep … (Robert Frost)
The moon is shining in the sky, whether we look up or not.
In a similar way, unbiased or unadulterated data is out there ,for our contemplation, We don’t need a program to realize that (Stillness of the mind).
To end this, I quote the Bible ‘Be Still, And know that I’m God’