Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Walk on your path

It is one thing to know the path and entirely other to walk on it. We all have our sojourn of life and for everybody the path is unique. Salvation for you is not the same as mine. We have our own ways. But ways do meet. We come across different people on different walks of life. Some struggling to make the ends meet while others cruising along like a speedboat.

Finally we all meet. Death is the great equalizer where all we have done is up there for everyone to see. This not only includes our actions, but thoughts and the finer moments. It's like suddenly you are up for the grabs. People evaluate; Souls don't. Some people with near death experience recall the time when their whole lifetime is played like a movie.

We are the finest actors that the world has yet to see. But surprisingly we all end up becoming more of producers than directors. Everybody seems to be preoccupied with green thoughts of making it big. Well for one thing, even if you don't, God is watching. He knows everything about us right to the iota of a scratch.

Despite all the information deluge, people are still floundering at the basics. Why don't we for once get it right, and then go ahead and do it. Like said afore, the walk on the beach may be better than walking the alley. But who knows, the alley guy may get there first. To be profound, there are no firsts or lasts. Each one of us has his destination, and has to trod the forbidden path. See you there.

Till then …



Sunday, May 23, 2010

A wise man knows everything

A wise man knows everything. A fool knows everybody. (Paulo Coelho)

A wise man has wisdom to get the knowledge of everything, whereas a fool is not wise and hence he is at the level of knowledge of knowing everybody. Hence a fool's actions are sordid whereas a wise man's actions are uplifiting.

Wisdom comes at a price. The price of detachment. The price of loneliness. The price of dropping the past and the future to live in the present. You may find that some people practice these things and some people strike a contrived posture which makes them seem like wise people. How do you make them out ? Well for one thing. The wise man does not have an inner agenda in doing something. He just does it because he enjoys it.

When somebody asked what 'Zen' is, a master said, 'He sleeps when he feels sleepful and eats when he is hungry'. It is as simple as that. Heed nature's call. Enjoy the present moment. Because that is the only thing that is there. Rest is all illusions. Don't get into too many goals and desires. Desire should be there definitely, otherwise we won't be able to make progress. But keep the desires limited. A goal is certainly the way, but they change with events. Do not get perturbed if they do.

Realizing God is also a desire. There is just one song that comes to my mind now. 'Let it Be'. (John Lennon) Do not be desperate for an outcome. What happens, happens for a cause. Only the Supreme Intelligence knows why so. So we may not be able to figure out some things. It's OK. Infact we are not even able to figure out many many things. Take it one step at a time. To know is to know anything from different levels. Even if you don't , it's fine. Do not be so hard on yourself.

Just enjoy the present. And that's my message. Don't think too much. Go have a good time.




Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dream On …

I was running away from this ferocious tiger which was after my hide at any cost. The moment he pounced on me, my alarm clock started ringing. Thank God it was a dream. Likewise, I have seen so many dreams that I hardly remember. Because the call of duty is much stronger than any dream that I encounter in the cold frosty nights.

Sometimes people dream in daylight. Have you been to meetings where some of the members are so bored to death that they start dozing off. While there are others who let their mind wander to other realms when a classroom is going on. They seem to be paying attention looking at you, but alas they are not there. I guess they never were.

Sleeping and dreaming are essential for survival. The body rejuvenates during this time. To get good dreams think of positive thoughts before you go to sleep. Recollect what happened in the day as an observer. Just watch it and learn from it. Do not make any value judgements. Just be a witness. And then make your mind think of positive thoughts.

The best way to stop that mad house called mind is to be alert. For example, right in this moment become aware by consciously watching your next thought. When you do that, the mind will try to conjure up many different thoughts. Just watch the fun. Be situated in yourself. Identify everything with the spiritual you.

Now before you hit the bed, just do this watchful step. You will discover a new 'You' and dream about positive things that matter to you.



Thursday, May 13, 2010

The song of the heart

Inhale and Exhale – The spirit of life and death.

Every single moment we live and die through our breaths. We are not made up of the same atoms that we were a while ago. So what are we really? Identifying ourselves with this body does not seem to be a good proposition. We go to sleep and we dream. So which is real, the dream that we see in our sleep or is it that this life itself is a dream. Like somebody said, I don't know if I'm a man dreaming about that butterfly or a butterfly dreaming that I'm a man.

What is real? We wake up and go to work. In the evening we come back to sleep. We are like that man who shaves and takes a train and comes back home to shave again. Senses are misguiding us to believe that we are what are our body is made up of. To tell you the truth, there is a whole world beyond our senses – the world of the mind. And if we transcend this, we come to the world of spirit. Pure energy – no matter.

It is this world that we should be perceiving, but it's beyond the senses. There is a spirit world beyond the Solar System – the Sun being the gateway to it. Our forefathers go to the world of the moon, if they have not achieved escape velocity from the Sun. Do you know why some people believe in feeding the crows is like being in touch with your forefathers? Because crows also have a concept of a family.

To sum it up, what is real is what we feel from the heart. We get feelings from the brain also, but they are usually not allaying – but makes us more agitated. The voice that speaks first in any situation is the voice of the heart. And this is our animal heritage – the instinctive trail. Learn to follow this voice and live by that. If your heart is saying no, please do not go ahead. Because the heart knows much more than all the brains put together in this universe.

La La La La – The song of the heart.



Sunday, May 09, 2010

Get to know yourself

There is no way the truth can be said. It can just be experienced. There are no two ways about it. The moment you start putting it in words, it loses all meaning. Because words suffer from duality, or more importantly our mind does. Life by itself does not have any goal. It keeps moving on. The problem that we have is of a fickle mind. Interpretations. Judgements.

Imagine going through life like a surfer who rises on the edge of every wave. For the moment you seem to be in control. But the moment the wave dies, you are back to misery. It's a pure adrenaline rush. Or a high. Wish it could stay on. We all long for the opposite. For the grass is green on the other side of the shore.

Dreams play a big role in maintaining our sanity. When we go to sleep, our wishes are captured in the dreams that we see. And it is dreams that keep us healthy. Ask a person not to dream (if that is possible) and he would go raving mad in a couple of days. So dream on, dream on till your dreams come true.

If there is one thing that we need to understand or better yet feel, is the Silence. The silence of the rocks, of the river, of the grass. If we manage to make sense of this phenomenon, we don't need any gurus. Because a guru by his presence is trying to imbibe this quality on to his disciples. Meditation helps. But better yet is to feel it in a 24 / 7 mode.

You really don't have to say 'I love you' because the duality of 'I hate you' is hidden inside it. Communicate the same with your body language. And you will find that words are just ephemeral. What means is truly what we are. Ask yourself this question 'Do I know myself very well?'. Well if you don't , that's the first thing to do. Search for the goodness and amplify it. The bad part is not you. It's just a disease that's afflicting you. Drop it. And let the goodness in you come out. Try to make this world a little better than what you have faced. Not necessary that you should have touched all the people. If you can; well and good. Remember this poem.

If I have helped a fainting Robin

Walk unto it's nest again

I haven't lived in vain.


To your happiness,


Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Never get hurt. Face your fear. Claim what is yours

We cannot get hurt without our permission. Think about it. If you chose to not get hurt, nothing will bother you ever. The reaction to any event that triggers a negative feeling is within us. We can control it. Although instinctively, we may feel bad in the moment, the next moment is for you to seize it and say 'Tomorrow is going to be different'.

Always nurture positive thoughts. There may be situations when we feel like nobody is listening to our side of the story. In those moments remember to apply one of Stephen Covey's dictums : 'Seek first to understand than to be understood'. So reach out to those corners where you think it may be uncomfortable. Don't stop. You have to walk that extra mile to get there.

I read Robert Frost a while ago. He mentions about 2 paths that we encounter in daily life. One is the easier path and the other is a difficult path. He further mentions that he chose the latter and has never regretted. Life is such. At every moment we have to make a choice. Stick with the choice that is long term. Although it may be tough in the beginning, you would have made the correct choice.

Do not fear the unknown. Welcome it. The greatest learning is the moment when you face your fear. Welcome all change. Don't get comfortable in that cozy chair, till the time that you have not learned your lesson. And lessons there are many. When you go to sleep tonight, ask yourself what I have learned today. Reflect and gather wisdom on this sojourn.

Remember to be in a positive frame of mind always. Negativity sucks away our energies. Learn to be at peace with yourself first and then you can take on the world. This whole beautiful planet and the universe is yours to claim. Go ahead. Ask for it all.



Sunday, May 02, 2010

Wisdom and Silence


A wise old owl sat on a tree

The more he heard the less he spoke

The less he spoke the more he heard

Why are not like the wise old owl

In short, wisdom is working without the mind. In Silence. Wisdom is very different from intelligence or knowledge. Having knowledge is like being a parrot. Repeating whatever facts that are known; Intelligence is identifying patterns within a representation. We need the mind as a tool to do this, while Wisdom is above all of these. It's pure reflection of the truth.

Nothing on this Earth is wasted. Take Sugarcane for example. When we crush it we get it's juice and the remains (molasses) is used for making liquor. This is pure knowledge. If we try to deduce how many sugarcanes are used to make a glass full of juice and apply the learning, it is intelligence. Wisdom comes directly from experience. For example, I have tasted both sugarcane and banana. I feel that banana milkshakes are better than sugarcane juice. This is wisdom, collected from my experience.

Wisdom is opinion which comes out of experience, at a lower level. At a higher level, wisdom simply means acceptance. No judgements. Simply open the door to your heart. The most essential quality to be cultivated is being silent. There we watch our thoughts running around like a supersonic jet till they weather away. Then we enter into the field. The field is pure potential. If we place our request into this field, then the response is immediate. No need of waiting.

To be wise means to enter this field. Once the humdrum of the noisy mind stops, we enter into what is real. Wisdom at the lower level is not empirical, whereas at the higher level, Wisdom is just one single word – Silence …