Sunday, May 02, 2010

Wisdom and Silence


A wise old owl sat on a tree

The more he heard the less he spoke

The less he spoke the more he heard

Why are not like the wise old owl

In short, wisdom is working without the mind. In Silence. Wisdom is very different from intelligence or knowledge. Having knowledge is like being a parrot. Repeating whatever facts that are known; Intelligence is identifying patterns within a representation. We need the mind as a tool to do this, while Wisdom is above all of these. It's pure reflection of the truth.

Nothing on this Earth is wasted. Take Sugarcane for example. When we crush it we get it's juice and the remains (molasses) is used for making liquor. This is pure knowledge. If we try to deduce how many sugarcanes are used to make a glass full of juice and apply the learning, it is intelligence. Wisdom comes directly from experience. For example, I have tasted both sugarcane and banana. I feel that banana milkshakes are better than sugarcane juice. This is wisdom, collected from my experience.

Wisdom is opinion which comes out of experience, at a lower level. At a higher level, wisdom simply means acceptance. No judgements. Simply open the door to your heart. The most essential quality to be cultivated is being silent. There we watch our thoughts running around like a supersonic jet till they weather away. Then we enter into the field. The field is pure potential. If we place our request into this field, then the response is immediate. No need of waiting.

To be wise means to enter this field. Once the humdrum of the noisy mind stops, we enter into what is real. Wisdom at the lower level is not empirical, whereas at the higher level, Wisdom is just one single word – Silence …



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