Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Walk on your path

It is one thing to know the path and entirely other to walk on it. We all have our sojourn of life and for everybody the path is unique. Salvation for you is not the same as mine. We have our own ways. But ways do meet. We come across different people on different walks of life. Some struggling to make the ends meet while others cruising along like a speedboat.

Finally we all meet. Death is the great equalizer where all we have done is up there for everyone to see. This not only includes our actions, but thoughts and the finer moments. It's like suddenly you are up for the grabs. People evaluate; Souls don't. Some people with near death experience recall the time when their whole lifetime is played like a movie.

We are the finest actors that the world has yet to see. But surprisingly we all end up becoming more of producers than directors. Everybody seems to be preoccupied with green thoughts of making it big. Well for one thing, even if you don't, God is watching. He knows everything about us right to the iota of a scratch.

Despite all the information deluge, people are still floundering at the basics. Why don't we for once get it right, and then go ahead and do it. Like said afore, the walk on the beach may be better than walking the alley. But who knows, the alley guy may get there first. To be profound, there are no firsts or lasts. Each one of us has his destination, and has to trod the forbidden path. See you there.

Till then …



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