Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Never get hurt. Face your fear. Claim what is yours

We cannot get hurt without our permission. Think about it. If you chose to not get hurt, nothing will bother you ever. The reaction to any event that triggers a negative feeling is within us. We can control it. Although instinctively, we may feel bad in the moment, the next moment is for you to seize it and say 'Tomorrow is going to be different'.

Always nurture positive thoughts. There may be situations when we feel like nobody is listening to our side of the story. In those moments remember to apply one of Stephen Covey's dictums : 'Seek first to understand than to be understood'. So reach out to those corners where you think it may be uncomfortable. Don't stop. You have to walk that extra mile to get there.

I read Robert Frost a while ago. He mentions about 2 paths that we encounter in daily life. One is the easier path and the other is a difficult path. He further mentions that he chose the latter and has never regretted. Life is such. At every moment we have to make a choice. Stick with the choice that is long term. Although it may be tough in the beginning, you would have made the correct choice.

Do not fear the unknown. Welcome it. The greatest learning is the moment when you face your fear. Welcome all change. Don't get comfortable in that cozy chair, till the time that you have not learned your lesson. And lessons there are many. When you go to sleep tonight, ask yourself what I have learned today. Reflect and gather wisdom on this sojourn.

Remember to be in a positive frame of mind always. Negativity sucks away our energies. Learn to be at peace with yourself first and then you can take on the world. This whole beautiful planet and the universe is yours to claim. Go ahead. Ask for it all.



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