Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dream On …

I was running away from this ferocious tiger which was after my hide at any cost. The moment he pounced on me, my alarm clock started ringing. Thank God it was a dream. Likewise, I have seen so many dreams that I hardly remember. Because the call of duty is much stronger than any dream that I encounter in the cold frosty nights.

Sometimes people dream in daylight. Have you been to meetings where some of the members are so bored to death that they start dozing off. While there are others who let their mind wander to other realms when a classroom is going on. They seem to be paying attention looking at you, but alas they are not there. I guess they never were.

Sleeping and dreaming are essential for survival. The body rejuvenates during this time. To get good dreams think of positive thoughts before you go to sleep. Recollect what happened in the day as an observer. Just watch it and learn from it. Do not make any value judgements. Just be a witness. And then make your mind think of positive thoughts.

The best way to stop that mad house called mind is to be alert. For example, right in this moment become aware by consciously watching your next thought. When you do that, the mind will try to conjure up many different thoughts. Just watch the fun. Be situated in yourself. Identify everything with the spiritual you.

Now before you hit the bed, just do this watchful step. You will discover a new 'You' and dream about positive things that matter to you.



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Anand BK said...

Nice blog. We used to see dreams while we sleep but there are some dreams which will not allow us to sleep. Those dreams will become our destiny.