Thursday, May 13, 2010

The song of the heart

Inhale and Exhale – The spirit of life and death.

Every single moment we live and die through our breaths. We are not made up of the same atoms that we were a while ago. So what are we really? Identifying ourselves with this body does not seem to be a good proposition. We go to sleep and we dream. So which is real, the dream that we see in our sleep or is it that this life itself is a dream. Like somebody said, I don't know if I'm a man dreaming about that butterfly or a butterfly dreaming that I'm a man.

What is real? We wake up and go to work. In the evening we come back to sleep. We are like that man who shaves and takes a train and comes back home to shave again. Senses are misguiding us to believe that we are what are our body is made up of. To tell you the truth, there is a whole world beyond our senses – the world of the mind. And if we transcend this, we come to the world of spirit. Pure energy – no matter.

It is this world that we should be perceiving, but it's beyond the senses. There is a spirit world beyond the Solar System – the Sun being the gateway to it. Our forefathers go to the world of the moon, if they have not achieved escape velocity from the Sun. Do you know why some people believe in feeding the crows is like being in touch with your forefathers? Because crows also have a concept of a family.

To sum it up, what is real is what we feel from the heart. We get feelings from the brain also, but they are usually not allaying – but makes us more agitated. The voice that speaks first in any situation is the voice of the heart. And this is our animal heritage – the instinctive trail. Learn to follow this voice and live by that. If your heart is saying no, please do not go ahead. Because the heart knows much more than all the brains put together in this universe.

La La La La – The song of the heart.



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