Saturday, August 20, 2011

Facing the global crisis

I do not believe in doomsday because I’m fairly sure that there is no such thing. Although the stocks are crying right now, I believe it to be cyclical. What goes up, comes down and goes up again. Maybe there will be a double dip recession or maybe the global economy will slow down, but there is nothing called as a stop. Probably it will take time for market to come to real evaluations, and it will happen sooner or later. We will still continue as a legacy of our forefathers who had dreamed of great nations.

Let me turn your attention to the internet economy. By that I mean ecommerce on the net. Right now the phase of consolidation is happening all across the web. Larger players are devouring small mom and pop stores. And soon we will be left with players who can be counted. The long tail is dying. Seriously, it’s time to do something different.

Gold is slated to touch 2000 USD / ounce by end of the year. Will it happen? There are proponents of both sides tooting their horns. Gurus are springing up faster than you say cheese. I myself, lost a fortune listening to one great guru. But make no mistakes. I take full responsibility for my actions. And I firmly believe that times are going to change.

One thing I have noticed is that we all get caught up in this rat race, once too often, which leaves a big gaping spiritual hole inside us. Do we even get time to reflect? Soon the hairs start turning grey and kids are grown up enough to advise us. This I feel is much more lethal than a global economy gone bonkers. No matter what happens to the outside world, if we are calm in our center, no apocalypse is going to touch us. Let’s restore back peace of our being and then face the world through a new set of spectacles.

That makes sense I think. Someone once said, ‘To change the world, change yourself.’ That is the biggest challenge we are facing. Are we up to it?

Ask yourself sincerely ...


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