Thursday, August 18, 2011

S.O.S - Mother Earth

Messaging is a universal phenomenon. To understand the importance of messaging is to understand how God communicates with us and vice versa. We are constantly receiving his signals. They seem to be one way, but our reaction to them decides on what happens in this action playground called Earth. If you have seen the James Cameron movie Avatar, they talk of Eywa, another name for God and to follow Eywa is to follow the way of life.

To swim against the river current is foolishness. A rebel may try, but will finally give up. Because what works is natural laws and nothing can alter it. Yes, there are higher intelligences who assist us getting there, but we are sometimes so wrapped up in our own problems that we fail to notice the omen. This doesn’t mean that we have to be superstitious. In fact the opposite is true. But we have to be alert.

God gets down to our level and tries to lift us up - To each according to his level of awareness. There are millions of chances that we get to rectify our erroneous ways. He is the master of forgiveness. But how much is the big question? For him it’s not difficult at all. For a human unless we exterminate anger and apathy from our makeups we won’t be able to tolerate a lot of things. It’s only a Seer who can have a fraction of the patience that God has towards us.

Imagine – we plundered mother earth in all ways. Now when global warming has started showing signs, we complain. Nature simply works on Newton’s law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. God can intervene and he does also in subtle ways, but we need to become more aware and alert to such foolishness that goes around in the name of progress.

Such selfishness on our part without regards to others can prove to be detrimental. We have begun to pay the price and what about our next generation? Are we going to leave them a plundered place devoid of even clean air and water. The choice is with us and with God’s help we can. But first we have to do our homework and work harmoniously in saving the most beautiful planet in the whole of the universe.



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