Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heard on God's channel at 6PM today.

Who are you looking for on those unknown roads? Can you feel love in the air? It’s always been there but you noticed it today. How come? Never mind … I want you to be happy, always. Shed your burdens. Make me your partner. I will always be there for you. Do you not trust me or my words? I’m closer to you than that vein in your neck.

Believe in yourself. In turn you will believe in me, because you are a part of me, you always have been. Take a deep breath, when you are in doubt. Do you feel better? Yes, I do. The other day when you cried, I felt very sad. Do not worry. You will make it. Not only here, but in all the worlds, the seen and the unseen, I will be with you.

Allow me to take you to those places where you can find solace with your favorite things. Your hideout is mine too. You don’t realize how much I love you. Never let that tear come to your eyes again. Work hard for all those things you aspire for. It’s yours r already. You are my best friend. I’ll throw you a party when you come back to me. Promise!

Take rest for a while. You are destined to be a star, because you are my baby. Just keep working on your dreams. I know them all. And I feel all of them are achievable. What you thought far away is actually very near to you. Just persevere for some time. And when you feel that no one seems to understand you, remember there is always one person who does.

Simply, because I love your smile.

Always wanting you to be happy …


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