Friday, July 01, 2011

Eternity in an hour

I still remember that day, when I climbed the mountain and looked at the scenery below. Mind blowing is not the word. Perhaps, exquisite or phenomenal would be a better substitute. I could see the whole city stretching out of the valley below. And it was so beautiful. The Sun was partly obscured by some clouds, which provided a shade to a part of the city while the other side was immersed in light.

On the other side of the hill, I came across a natural spring. The water was like water that I had never tasted before. I filled in a jug full for the remaining trip. As it was the rainy season, the track was slippery. In the trek, I came across a lot of creepers and red ants on some of the flora and fauna. Frogs, chameleons and deer’s with Antlers.

Immediately, I saw a lake ahead and the first thing that streaked across my mind was swimming. Took off my shirt and waded into the cool water. Swam a little and then came out, only to find a board saying that swimming in this lake was not allowed, as there were crocodiles in the lake. What a near escape! On the side of the lake was a cave. Entered it and saw some bats.

Well, all of this was 25 years ago, when I was 18 years old. Young blood, reckless, seeking thrills and trying to find some identification. Looking back, I have no regrets. In the midst of all these adventures, I became an adult. How time passed? I myself don’t know. Today I live with those forlorn memories which once in a while regurgitates in my mind.

One word got added into my world: Responsibility. And I’m still learning this word.



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