Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Man of Grit

I was wrong. My idea of a school principal was a gentleman or a lady who would be running the school from an office. This principal actually spends 10% of his time in the office and the remaining with students and teachers. I have heard that he even tends to his school children when they are ready to take the bus home.

As a parent I got to attend a congregation convened by this principal. He was simply amazing. A very humble man, around 55 years of accolades won from different institutions and eager to listen to the problems faced by parents and their child wards. With a smile on his face, he consoled all of us and said that all concerns will be addressed. In fact, he also mentioned that he is going to fine a parent if he/she does not have a grievance or a suggestion.

I really felt obliged to this man who takes care of my kids and thousands of others in the right spirit. He puts others in perspective before his viewpoints. We normally don’t come across such committed people. It’s good to know that such people do exist. I’m not saying that others are not real, but there is a certain amount of weasel-ness in many people that you come across. And most of the minds are busy listening to their own agendas every day.

I must admit that I’m also not fully committed at this point of time, as I have other errands to take care of. But people like these principal reminds me of my lofty dreams and a hope that sustains by knowing that a life lived for others is the life that’s worth living. Wish I could dissolve all my problems and walk on the path that I have dreamed of, simply.

Maybe in the near future.



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