Friday, June 10, 2011

Being Human

Do not live the life of a sheep. There is a lion inside you. Awaken it. A lion is very powerful, yet it does not throw its weight around. It only hunts when it's hungry. It likes the company of other lions. The lion is not out there to prove something. It does not complain, goes about its ways inconspicuously and eats only as much as is required to douse its hunger.

There is a lot that we can learn from a lion or for that matter, from any animal or bird. They are all situated in themselves. Do they have a concept of time? Do they know what technology is? Do they get addicted to it? Do they enjoy sadism? Do they have a concept of money? Are they bothered about how much a house on the west side costs or what markets are going to be like tomorrow?

We have made our lives complicated. So much so that we have lost touch with the lion inside us. A true impeccable person does not get sidetracked in a confusing world. He lives in the moment, reminding himself that every moment well lived is a treasure in itself. Stress does not get to him, neither do other maladies. He knows the meaning of this great mystery called life.

Technology has a strange hue to it. It has accelerated the pace of development depending on what we really mean by this word. Is building a tall tower or bridges real progress? Is socializing online as compared to the real thing better? Technology sure has made some things better. But I have a feeling that we are becoming more cerebral creatures than we ought to be.

I'm for technology, but not at the cost of the dignity of being a human. And it's high time we regain what is truly ours – the gift of being human.

Dedicated to my 6.5 billion friends all over the globe …


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