Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And one for the road

Consciousness is one and it is unique. If you ask me a question, know that you are answering it yourself. We have goals, dreams of the future. But these are nothing but signposts. They exist only in the mind. And that too in the egoistic mind, mind you. For the ego it is very essential to be in a problem solving mode. But the truth is there are no problems to be solved.

I don’t mean that we should just be a witness. We must try to do what we love to do, without inhibiting ourselves. If we meet a murderer, we should definitely extol the virtue of non-violence to him, because he lives in ignorance. At the same time, preaching non-violence without getting ready for a fight is the way of the cowardly. Fight is to uphold the dharma, or the way.

What do you think is the purpose of life? There is none. It’s a leela or a play, in other words. Consciousness does not know of the past or the future. For it, only this moment matters. And we should do well in every single moment knowing that it is a gift. Actions happen. The doer is not of significance. A sand dune on a desert does not need anyone, but if anyone was to see its beauty it would be enthralling.

There are different levels of awareness. Matter at the surface, dig deeper, and you find energy, dig still further and you find consciousness, which is essentially single. The cosmic consciousness is one like the ocean and we are all the waves. Some of us rise up and some ebb, but we all are a part of the same ocean. So be a wave like in high tide and then exit gracefully when death happens to us.

Don’t save it for the big day. Live it now.

To your sojourn on this dreamy blue planet …


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