Friday, June 24, 2011

Don't mess with a missionary man

‘Don’t mess with a missionary man’. That was the line from the 80’s song by Eurythmics. It rings true. If you ever find someone on a mission, don’t stop him. In fact, if his faith is strong, you won’t be able to. If you haven’t got anything for which you can put your life on line, then this life ain’t worth living. Think about it. It may be global peace, or it may be helping children or whatever that prompts your values.

There must be at least one thing for which you are game. Everything else you may be able to compromise but just for this one you are solid as a rock. Because it means the most to you and as a matter of fact that is what you breath for. Never mind if you have to take a detour for a while. Look forward to coming back to your normal self soon.

This very faith will carry you over the rafts of pain that you have learned to endure. Note that I mean faith not belief. A belief can be false, as it arises out of thoughts. A faith is more like a calling and can’t go wrong. The difference is simple. For example, a suicide fighter works on belief not faith, whereas all moral goodness are signs of faith. Learn to clearly distinguish between the two.

Your faith will be put to test in this journey of life. If you excel, then it’s a life would worth lived, else you have a mundane life. To find out your true cause, give it ample amount of time. Then go for it. Nothing should stop you. There may be multiple incidents in your life, when your faith is put to test. Do not succumb to temptations. Get on with it.

Wish you all the best.


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