Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy 24 by 7

It's raining outside. A cup of hot tea in ginger flavor resting between my lips - feels like groundhog day, almost. As the evening sun bids sayonara to all, for some, the late night shift has just started. Really wonder how they keep themselves awake in the night. I remember the quote that, the heights achieved by men are for toiling in the night when others were sleeping. Can't remember who said it.

Lucky enough to see today's sunset. Is there something special about this moment? My heart says yes, while my brain disagrees. I guess the heart is right, always. Some moments are more special than others. Like George Orwell said in his classic Animal Farm – All animals are equal but some are more equal than others. That's really twisted – isn't it?

Sometimes I like to get away from all this daily rush into nature. Fortunate enough to get the view of mountains from my home; they all get covered by the clouds especially in the rains. I'm back to my cup of tea, when a thought streaks through my mind. Maybe I'll capture this in photographs. Wish there was a machine to capture my feelings of the moment.

3-D TV some say. But when will we have 3-D experience capturing gizmos. And transfer the same feeling to others, maybe over the internet – the next question would be bandwidth. Once a techie, always a techie, I guess. But, hey! Did I miss something? Yes I did. To listen to my hearts songs, lost in the humdrum of activities.

I made a promise to myself today – will not squander time where my heart contracts. I know I can feel it – God's silent whisper – beckoning me – wish I could melt into – just like that.



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