Friday, June 17, 2011

Beyond the law of attraction

Some people think that having desires is not good. That it is the root cause of all evil. Well, that is not true. Desires help us to look forward to something. We keep moving on and on because of this, but too much of it, can lead us astray. Now here is the bottom line:- Desire is not bad but attachment to desires is bad. Let me explain that in a bit.

When we are not ready to accept the scenario of desires not manifesting that is the time we get most attached to it. Don’t! Let it go. Focus attention on other desires. One reason this could have happened is too many desires or focus having been lost. In short, that desire does not have enough force. Force is another word for effort. So now here’s the truth.

No desire will be fulfilled without effort. If you think that you imagine something and then the universe will go about pushing you in that direction, you are right. But remember, you have to do your part. That rock out there is not just going if you wish to, unless you are telepathic. In our place we have a saying: 50% our effort and 50% God’s. I couldn’t have said it in a better way.

So my humble submission to you is that do believe that there are magical forces which push us in a particular direction or creates pathways for us, but that does not mean that we sit with folded hands. Go out and receive that push and do whatever is asked of you to make that desire come true. There are no free lunches. Life is not like the game of fishing, it’s more like basketball.

You have to put in that extra effort, if you really want to make that desire happen.



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Mike said...

"Life is not like the game of fishing, it’s more like basketball."

ahahah love it. I would say CLARIFY your vision, CRYSTALLIZE it as a clear and bright thought-feeling. Make it FEEL real, and FOLLOW your OMENS :-)

BUT don't worry TOO much... it's just a game :-)

~ Mike