Tuesday, June 07, 2011

All roads lead to the same destination

People ask me where is God? My reply to that is one word – everywhere. There is not an iota of place in the universe where he is naught. He is pure consciousness or better yet, awareness. He pervades in the entire expanse of the universe. And what we perceive as matter is nothing but 1% of his glory. The remaining 99% is not known.

In an object oriented language there is a concept of members and attributes. This is equivalent to the Yang and the Yin that is responsible for all causation. The female factor is easier to perceive than the male. As we can perceive sunlight without knowing much about the Sun, in the same way, the properties can be perceived by us without knowing their source.

God is not somebody who is beyond sense perceptions. Know that for every single moment, we are in communion with God. Knowingly or Unknowingly, we receive and transmit thoughts. Thoughts translate into action. Action when awake is executed by our senses. If we learn to see the mighty God everywhere, we will never be at a loss. – of anything.

And this exactly is the secret. There is no other secret that we need to know. We really need not meditate for better perception or perform yagnas to please God. God is not an external entity. He is embedded within each one of us. We are all his sparks. Like gold that glitters in any form, we are also part and parcel of this force. There is no one special favorite for God. We are all created equally. Also, his love is unconditional.

You don't have to ask God for his blessings. You are already blessed.

Best Wishes


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