Tuesday, June 14, 2011

May it always pour

I never thought rains would be so beautiful. Today I got drenched in it from head to toe. It’s different from taking a bath. The main difference being that I had my clothes on. The smell of the earth was tickling my nose buds. Reminded me of my childhood times when I would run into the rains the first time it started pouring. Jubilant I used to be, and the rain song ringing in my thorax.

Some people think that carrying an umbrella is too much of an inconvenience. Roads overflowing with water, trains getting delayed and cars stopping in the midst of nowhere are common scenes in the rainy season. Yeah, but look at the positive side. There is nothing better than a getaway with your family in some remote island where it rains forever. Imagine a beach or the wild mountains in rain. The trees and the branches swaying in the rainy wind, as if they are joyous beyond reason and are singing a song thanking heavens for sending the rains.

We might also like to concede that in many of the countries rains are essential for their economic development. I mean farmers. They depend on the rains for a bumper crop. Right timing and right quantity can make the difference. I still like to believe that rains are sent by Gods from heaven. Because the earth follows the heaven and the heaven follows the Tao.

Water of love, If I may put it like that. I hear some people perform sacrifices or chants to invoke the rain gods. Although we have scientific explanations for the rain, fables always catch our wonder. I don’t see any reason why we can’t be like children again reminiscing grandmas tales of ghosts and goblins. Oh! I forgot – we are all grownups, right. Kids get carried away, not us big guys and gals.

Although I’m also in the elderly club, I must admit that I haven’t seen anything more beautiful than a raindrop on a rose’s face.

May it always pour …


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