Monday, April 30, 2012

The Bhagvad Gita - Chapter 15 - The Secret

Lord SriKrishna says this further: It is said that there is a banyan tree with its roots growing upwards and branches downwards, whose leaves are the Vedic hymns. One who knows this tree knows Vedas. The tree’s branches extends downwards and spread above as a result of the three modes of nature, and the twigs are the sense objects. The roots are bound to fruitive actions of the human society.

No one can really understand this tree. But one must cut down this strong tree with the weapon of detachment. And then one must seek higher places and surrender to the Supreme personality. Those who are free from pride, illusion and false attachment and they who are free from dualities attain the eternal kingdom.

The supreme abode of mine is not illumined by Sun, Moon or Fire. Those who reach it never return to the material world. The individual soul in this world is an eternal fragment of myself. Just as the wind carries the fragrance from one place to another, the living entity carries the soul from one body to another. The ignorant being does not understand this.

But the enlightened person can clearly see this. The radiance of the Sun, Moon and Fire have their source in me.  I’m seated in everyone’s hearts; knowledge, remembrance and forgetfulness all come through me. I alone can be known through the Vedas. I’m the compiler of the Vedanta and the knower of the Vedas.

In this world there are fallible and infallible people. The former are material beings while the latter are spiritual in nature. Besides this there is a higher reality called the supreme soul.  Because I’m transcendental , beyond both fallible and infallible, the world celebrates me as the supreme person. Whoever is not deluded knows this and engages in devotional service to me. I have taught you this secret and remember – whoever understands this becomes wise and all his/her endeavors will be perfect.



Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Bhagvad Gita - Chapter 14 - Material Nature

Lord SriKrishna says this further to Arjuna: I shall now explain the supreme wisdom through which all sages attained perfection. The Brahman is the source of birth.  All species arise from material nature of whom I’m, the seed giving father. The three modes of material nature viz. sativa, rajas and tamas, condition the living entity when he/she comes in contact with nature.

Of these, sattva, the mode of goodness is pure and enlightening and without sorrow. Rajas, the mode of passion leads to unlimited yearnings and attachments, hence one gets attached to material actions.  Tamas is the mode of ignorance that deludes all people. It results in madness and laziness. In short, the mode of goodness binds one to happiness, the mode of passion to fruitive action and the mode of ignorance to madness.

There is always a fight among the modes for supremacy. Sometimes sattva predominates and sometimes it’s rajas or tamas. When one dies under the mode of Sattva, he achieves the world of great sages. When one dies in rajas, he is born among those engaged in fruitive activity. When somebody dies in the mode of tamas, he is born into a mode of delusion.

From sattva understanding is born, from rajas, materialism and from tamas, foolishness. Those established in sattva, ascend to higher planets. Those in rajas, remain on earth and those in tamas descend to hellish planets. When an embodied being transcends these three modes of material existence, he/she is freed from birth, death, old age and illness and is able to enjoy life.

Arjuna asks the Lord as to how we can identify somebody who has transcended the modes of nature, and 
Lord SriKrishna replies that the person who does not hate illumination, attachment and one who is undisturbed by the modes of nature, who remains unwavering and the one to whom a lump of earth, stone and gold are the same, who regards the desirable and the undesirable equally, who is steadfast and not bothered by blame or praise, to whom honor and dishonor mean the same, treats friends and enemies alike, and one who has renounced all material undertakings, such a person has transcended the three modes of nature and achieves me.

Have no doubt about this.

To your transcendence …


Monday, April 23, 2012

The Bhagvad Gita - Chapter 13 - Mother Nature and the Soul

Arjuna asked Lord Srikrisna ‘ O Krishna, please tell me what is Prakriti and Purusha, the field of activity and the knower of the fields, knowledge and that which is to be known’. And Lord Srikrishna replied thus: The body, O Arjuna, is the field of activity. One who knows this field is called the knower of the field. Understanding the field and its knower is actual knowledge. I’m the knower of the field.

The great elements, egoism, intellect, the ten senses and the mind, the five sense objects – desire, hatred, happiness, sorrow, the consciousness and conviction in-brief are called the field. Humility, non-violence, patience, simplicity, cleanliness, service to the guru, unswerving devotion to me, detachment, keeping things in perspective is called knowledge. Contrary to this, everything else is ignorance.

I shall explain to you that by which you can drink the nectar of immortality. Brahman which is ruled by me, is beyond cause and effect. Everywhere is his hands, legs, eyes, faces and ears. He is all pervasive. He is the source of all senses all though he is free from the senses. He is unattached and inside and outside all beings. He is moving and stationary. He is far, yet he is near. He is the creator and destroyer of all.

He is knowledge, the object of knowledge and the goal of knowledge. He is situated in everyone’s heart.  The devotee who understands this will undoubtedly attain me.  Prakriti (material nature) and Purusha (living entities) are without beginning. Prakriti is responsible for cause and effect, while Purusha is the enjoyer of this. The Purusha experiences qualities born of material nature. Associating with these qualities leads one to good and evil.

The Purusha is the Supersoul. One who understands material nature (Prakriti), the living entity (Purusha) and the interaction of the modes of nature will be liberated from birth and death. Some perceive the Self by meditation, some through knowledge and some  through action. They all transcend death. One who sees the Supersoul everywhere is liberated. One who sees that actions are carried out by mother nature and not the soul, truly sees.  Like the sky that does not mix with anything, the soul does not mix with the body, though situated in it. The living entity (Purusha) illuminates the consciousness.  They who understand this will attain the Supreme goal.

Love and Peace


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Bhagvad Gita – Chapter 12 – The path to love

Arjuna asked the Lord “Who are more dear to you -  the people who worship you or those who worship the eternal and the indestructible invisible one?” And thus spoke the Lord : Those who surrender themselves to me and fix their total devotion on me and worship me with their minds absorbed in me, I consider them to be my beloved. However, those who worship the invisible brahman also attain me. But the latter kind of people go through a lot of trial and tribulation and hence walk through the difficult path. I give them deliverance from the cycle of birth and death – those who are devoted to me.

Fasten your mind exclusively on me and place your intelligence in me, you will then reside in me forever. If you are unable to concentrate on me then follow the path of Bhakti yoga (devotional service) and you’ll surely come to me. If you are unable to do that too, then follow my words and work for me for acting on my beliefs will give you perfection. Even if this is not possible, then control your self and senses and renounce all fruits of action. If this also seems impossible then accumulate knowledge and better yet, meditate for from meditation comes renunciation and peace.gita-111

He who nurtures no envy or hate or egoism, who is gracious and compassionate, staying the same in face of pain and pleasure, who is tolerant, self-controlled, firm in his resolve, fixed in devotional practice and whose mind and intellect are fixed on me are very dear to me. One who treats his friends and enemies equally, balanced in honor and disgrace, heat and cold, happiness and anguish, free from attachment, not concerned about blame or praise, controlled in speech, even minded and engaged in devotional service is very dear to me.

Those who pursue sincerely the path of devotion setting me as their supreme goal always come to me.

So that’s the shortcut to love. Doesn’t get shorter than this.

Love and Blessings,


Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Bhagvad Gita - Chapter 11 - The Cosmic Vision

Arjuna said thus : O Lotus eyed one (Lord Srikrishna), you have spoken about your secrets. My mind is clear of all delusions. O Supreme Lord, I have seen the Self of Yours that you speak of. I wish to see your cosmic manifestations. O lord, if you feel I’m capable of beholding the same, please show yourself to me. – your very imperishable self.

Lord Srikrishna said to Arjuna thus :

O Partha (Arjuna), witness now my numerous, glorious, muti-colored and multi-shaped forms in their hundreds and thousands. Behold the Adityas, the Vasus the Rudras and the entire universe with the moving and non-moving in me. I grant you divine vision to witness this. Having spoken so, Lord Srikrishna showed his opulent form to Arjuna.

Arjuna saw in the form many faces and eyes, divine ornaments, weapons and all decked with garlands and garments, anointed with divine scents; the form was resplendent, glorious and limitless. If thousand Suns were to rise in the sky, such was the divine splendor of the Universal Being. Arjuna saw the entire universe within the body of the Supreme Being.

Arjuna gets scared of this vision and with hairs standing upright he bows to Lord Srikrishna and says thus : O Lord, I see in your body the Gods and all celestial beings. I see Shiva and Brahma on a lotus seat with all sages and divine serpents. I see your limitless form with innumerable arms, bellies and mouths and eyes in every direction. I see your radiance glowing everywhere and you without beginning or end. Who are you?

And the Lord of Sri (Lord Srikrishna) replies: I’m time, the destroyer of the worlds, who has come to wipe out everyone. Even without your participation, the opposition would be slain. (The Kauravas) Therefore arise and win glory. Your enemies have already been killed by me. Upon hearing this, Arjuna trembled with folded hands and bowed to SriKrishna and begs him to assume his original form.

Lord Srikrishna assumes his original pleasing form and says to Arjuna thus: O Arjuna, no one has ever seen my cosmic form. Even by strict ascetism, pious activities or bhakti. This form of mine has not been seen by anyone. So free yourself from fear and have a peaceful heart always. Only by sincere devotion can one actually see and appreciate this form of mine. Remember, one who is free of attachment will attain me. No two ways about it.

Kind Regards,


(The next chapter is Yoga of devotion, in a week’s time)

Friday, April 06, 2012

The Bhagvad Gita - Chapter 10 - God's manifestations

The supreme Lord Srikrishna says to Arjuna further : O mighty armed Arjuna, I shall impart to you my supreme advice for your welfare, my friend. Nobody (neither the Gods nor the Demons) knows my origin. He who is not deluded among mortals, who knows me as birthless and as the supreme Lord of the world, is free from all sins. Intelligence, knowledge, freedom from doubt and delusion, forgiveness, truthfulness and other such qualities come from me alone.
The seven sages and the four manus originated from me. One who knows my opulence and true power is united with me. Arjuna asks Lord Srikrishna thusL O Kesava (Lord Srikrishna) , I accept all that you have said. Please tell me more about your nature (your divine manifestation) and also let me konw how am I to meditate upon you?

Lord Srikrishna explains thus: Listen to me as I will only explain to you some of my potency. I’m the self abiding in everyone’s heart. I’m the beginning, the middle and the end of all beings. Of the Aditya’s I’m Vishnu; of Lights, the radiant Sun; of heavenly abodes, I’m the moon. Of the Vedas, I’m Sama Veda, of the God’s I’m Indra. Of the senses, I’m the mind, and of the living beings, I’m consciousness.

Of the Rudra’s I’m Shankara, Of the Yaksha’s I’m Kubera; Of the Vasu’s, I’m Agni and of the mountains, I’m Meru. Of the priests, I’m Brihaspathi, Of the military commanders, I’m Skanda, Of the bodies of water, I’m the Ocean. Of the godly sears I’m Narada, of Gandharva’s I’m Chitrartha. OF weapons, I’m the Thunderbolt, Of mantra’s I’m Gayatri. Of the wise, I’m Vyasa; Of the poets, I’m Usana.

Of the purifiers, I’m the Wind, Of warriors, I’m Rama, Of fish, I’m the shark, Of the rivers I’m the Ganges. I’m the letter ‘A’ and I’m death , the destroyer of all , I’m source of things yet to be, I’m fame, ,memory, speech etc. of women. Of secret things I’m silence, of the wise, I’m wisdom. There is nothing moving or unmoving that can exist without me. Know that whatever in existence is powerful, glorious and beautiful, emanate from me. But why do you want to know all this, when all you have to know is that a fraction of my power sustains this universe.

That is the end of this chapter. Note that I have not included all manifestations.

More in a week’s time.



Monday, April 02, 2012

The Bhagvad Gita – Chapter 9 – Supreme Knowledge

Lord Srikrishna further addresses Arjuna thus: Since you are without envy, I shall tell you the supreme most knowledge to you, knowing which you will be free of any inauspiciousness. This is the king of knowledge, the king of secrets, the ultimate purifier. It is directly perceivable, religious, easy to practice and imperishable. People who do not have belief in this dharma (the way) do not attain me. They are thrown back into the great cycle of birth and death. I encompass this creation in my invisible form. All creatures depend on me, but I’m not dependent on them. And yet beings live in me.

Behold my mysterious power! While I’m the maintainer and source of all beings, my Self is not contained in them. Just like the Wind that blows everywhere, so are all beings found in me. At the end of a cycle or kalpa, all beings enter my material nature and at the beginning of the next cycle I send them forth again according to their nature. I remain unattached to all these. Under my direction, material nature works. Fools do not understand my true nature. Their hopes, knowledge and actions are in vain. They are irrational, trusting the deceiving nature of fiends and demons.

On the other hand, those who worship me steadfastly and surrender themselves to me and know me to be the source of all imperishable things, are dear to me. Always chanting my name, fixed firmly in their vows and worshipping Me with devotion with an unbroken longing for union, they are very dear. Know that I’m the ritual, the sacrifice and the offering. I’m the herb, the mantra and the fire enhancing ghee. I’m the father, mother and the grandfather of the universe. I’m the Vedas, the goal, the abode and the eternal seed. Both spirit and matter exist in me.

Whoever, one addresses, during his/her prayer, go to their world after their death. If anyone gives me a leaf, a flower or water with devotion, I accept it. Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever your actions, perform it with me in your heart and soul. As an offering to me. In this way you will be liberated from the bondage of karma. I’m unbiased to all beings. I hate and favor no one. Yet, whoever is within me, I’m in them. Even an offensive person who worships me is never lost. Those who engage in service in my name come to me. So fasten your mind always on me. Be my devotee, offer obeisance to me and thus absorbed in me alone, you shall come to me. Declare this boldly.

More to come in a week’s time (Next chapter – God’s manifestations)