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The Bhagvad Gita - Chapter 11 - The Cosmic Vision

Arjuna said thus : O Lotus eyed one (Lord Srikrishna), you have spoken about your secrets. My mind is clear of all delusions. O Supreme Lord, I have seen the Self of Yours that you speak of. I wish to see your cosmic manifestations. O lord, if you feel I’m capable of beholding the same, please show yourself to me. – your very imperishable self.

Lord Srikrishna said to Arjuna thus :

O Partha (Arjuna), witness now my numerous, glorious, muti-colored and multi-shaped forms in their hundreds and thousands. Behold the Adityas, the Vasus the Rudras and the entire universe with the moving and non-moving in me. I grant you divine vision to witness this. Having spoken so, Lord Srikrishna showed his opulent form to Arjuna.

Arjuna saw in the form many faces and eyes, divine ornaments, weapons and all decked with garlands and garments, anointed with divine scents; the form was resplendent, glorious and limitless. If thousand Suns were to rise in the sky, such was the divine splendor of the Universal Being. Arjuna saw the entire universe within the body of the Supreme Being.

Arjuna gets scared of this vision and with hairs standing upright he bows to Lord Srikrishna and says thus : O Lord, I see in your body the Gods and all celestial beings. I see Shiva and Brahma on a lotus seat with all sages and divine serpents. I see your limitless form with innumerable arms, bellies and mouths and eyes in every direction. I see your radiance glowing everywhere and you without beginning or end. Who are you?

And the Lord of Sri (Lord Srikrishna) replies: I’m time, the destroyer of the worlds, who has come to wipe out everyone. Even without your participation, the opposition would be slain. (The Kauravas) Therefore arise and win glory. Your enemies have already been killed by me. Upon hearing this, Arjuna trembled with folded hands and bowed to SriKrishna and begs him to assume his original form.

Lord Srikrishna assumes his original pleasing form and says to Arjuna thus: O Arjuna, no one has ever seen my cosmic form. Even by strict ascetism, pious activities or bhakti. This form of mine has not been seen by anyone. So free yourself from fear and have a peaceful heart always. Only by sincere devotion can one actually see and appreciate this form of mine. Remember, one who is free of attachment will attain me. No two ways about it.

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(The next chapter is Yoga of devotion, in a week’s time)

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