Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Bhagvad Gita – Chapter 12 – The path to love

Arjuna asked the Lord “Who are more dear to you -  the people who worship you or those who worship the eternal and the indestructible invisible one?” And thus spoke the Lord : Those who surrender themselves to me and fix their total devotion on me and worship me with their minds absorbed in me, I consider them to be my beloved. However, those who worship the invisible brahman also attain me. But the latter kind of people go through a lot of trial and tribulation and hence walk through the difficult path. I give them deliverance from the cycle of birth and death – those who are devoted to me.

Fasten your mind exclusively on me and place your intelligence in me, you will then reside in me forever. If you are unable to concentrate on me then follow the path of Bhakti yoga (devotional service) and you’ll surely come to me. If you are unable to do that too, then follow my words and work for me for acting on my beliefs will give you perfection. Even if this is not possible, then control your self and senses and renounce all fruits of action. If this also seems impossible then accumulate knowledge and better yet, meditate for from meditation comes renunciation and peace.gita-111

He who nurtures no envy or hate or egoism, who is gracious and compassionate, staying the same in face of pain and pleasure, who is tolerant, self-controlled, firm in his resolve, fixed in devotional practice and whose mind and intellect are fixed on me are very dear to me. One who treats his friends and enemies equally, balanced in honor and disgrace, heat and cold, happiness and anguish, free from attachment, not concerned about blame or praise, controlled in speech, even minded and engaged in devotional service is very dear to me.

Those who pursue sincerely the path of devotion setting me as their supreme goal always come to me.

So that’s the shortcut to love. Doesn’t get shorter than this.

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