Monday, April 02, 2012

The Bhagvad Gita – Chapter 9 – Supreme Knowledge

Lord Srikrishna further addresses Arjuna thus: Since you are without envy, I shall tell you the supreme most knowledge to you, knowing which you will be free of any inauspiciousness. This is the king of knowledge, the king of secrets, the ultimate purifier. It is directly perceivable, religious, easy to practice and imperishable. People who do not have belief in this dharma (the way) do not attain me. They are thrown back into the great cycle of birth and death. I encompass this creation in my invisible form. All creatures depend on me, but I’m not dependent on them. And yet beings live in me.

Behold my mysterious power! While I’m the maintainer and source of all beings, my Self is not contained in them. Just like the Wind that blows everywhere, so are all beings found in me. At the end of a cycle or kalpa, all beings enter my material nature and at the beginning of the next cycle I send them forth again according to their nature. I remain unattached to all these. Under my direction, material nature works. Fools do not understand my true nature. Their hopes, knowledge and actions are in vain. They are irrational, trusting the deceiving nature of fiends and demons.

On the other hand, those who worship me steadfastly and surrender themselves to me and know me to be the source of all imperishable things, are dear to me. Always chanting my name, fixed firmly in their vows and worshipping Me with devotion with an unbroken longing for union, they are very dear. Know that I’m the ritual, the sacrifice and the offering. I’m the herb, the mantra and the fire enhancing ghee. I’m the father, mother and the grandfather of the universe. I’m the Vedas, the goal, the abode and the eternal seed. Both spirit and matter exist in me.

Whoever, one addresses, during his/her prayer, go to their world after their death. If anyone gives me a leaf, a flower or water with devotion, I accept it. Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever your actions, perform it with me in your heart and soul. As an offering to me. In this way you will be liberated from the bondage of karma. I’m unbiased to all beings. I hate and favor no one. Yet, whoever is within me, I’m in them. Even an offensive person who worships me is never lost. Those who engage in service in my name come to me. So fasten your mind always on me. Be my devotee, offer obeisance to me and thus absorbed in me alone, you shall come to me. Declare this boldly.

More to come in a week’s time (Next chapter – God’s manifestations)



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