Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Bhagvad Gita – Chapter 8 – The eternal Godhead

Arjuna has lots of questions brimming in his mind. He asks the Lord “Please explain to me what is Brahmin? What is the Self? What is the material manifestation? Who is the Lord of sacrifice and how is he situated in the body? Also how can a person at the time of his death realize the Lord?”

Lord Srikrishna explains thus : Brahman is the eternal indestructible living entity. The material nature of the Brahmin or the Self is called the adhyatma. The adhibuta is the physical nature which is ever changing. And the adhidaiva

is the universal form of the Lord. And I, the Supersoul situated in all living entities is the adhi-yajna, the Lord of sacrifice.

At the time of death, whoever remembers me, without any doubt will come to me. Whatever state one thinks of during his/her death, the same state he/she will achieve. The Supersoul is the oldest, tiniest particle among everything and its form is effulgent like the Sun, who is beyond material nature. One who at the time of death, fixes his life air between the eyebrows and remembers the Lord will surely attain him.

A person seated in yogic-position, devoid of sense attachments , fixing his/her mind on the heart and the life air at the top of the head, chanting ‘Om’ and thinking of the Lord will surely reach the spiritual planets. He is a true yogi who always remembers the Lord and hence is united with him. On the highest planets and the lowest, there is repeated birth and death, but one who reaches me is unborn.

The day of the Brahma lasts for thousand yugas and do does his night. With the arrival of the day, they are all manifested and obliterated on the arrival of the night. This is the great trance of the Lord. However there is another energy, superior to this, which sees no end or no birth. Those who pass away when the Sun is travelling north (those who know Brahman) during light , he /she does not return, whereas the yogi who departs during the Southern Solistice and the night of smoke, ascends to the Lunar light and returns. Hence at all times remember me through Vedas, charity, austerity and you will surely come to me. Have no doubt.

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