Sunday, September 05, 2010

Did God create this universe ?

Did God create this universe? Stephen Hawking in his new book 'The Grand Design' says that he didn't! Well, I haven't read that book, but I'm sure that the spiritual universe was not created by God, because it used to exist always. Eternity does not have any creation date attached to it. As far as the material universe is concerned, I believe that he conceived it.

After all, can the creation of the universe be explained by mathematics – Never. At least, that's what Godel's theorem in plain language says – 'No algorithm will be able to explain creativity or for that matter spirituality', and it's true. Mathematics is based on logic and love cannot be explained by logic. It can never be quantified. A probabilistic model will just be appropriate. Not accurate.

Remember what Lord Krishna said in the 'Bhagvad Gita' – The whole universe is strung upon his pearl necklace and only 1% of his power sustains the whole. So we really cannot imagine the remaining 99%. I guess we are too small a speck of sand to extrapolate universal designs. We haven't yet gone to our nearest neighbour Mars (manned trip I mean) and here we are prophesying about a universe that we hardly understand.

I'm not against Science, in fact I love it. But when we make such grandiose statements, we should know that we know maybe a fraction of the universe for us to speculate about the universe accurately. I admire Stephen Hawking, as I have read all his previous books, but I think it's too early to ordain a judgement on God and the Universe. Awaiting to read that book.

To the unknown …



Anand BK said...

We can't give a differentiation between science and definition of god. Whatever we know about science is 1% of which is available and same for knowing god. I think there is no need of differentiation between god and science. Both are interrelated.

Jeevan said...

I completely resonate with this idea. Existence & hence universe is eternity. The very word 'Create' comes from a logical implies we are talking of something that did not exist at one time but came into reality some other time.

However reality in essence is non-logical...

There has been a lot of research done in Quantum Physics in the recent years which proves that the reality as we perceive does n't really exist.
When we move beyond the level of subatomic particles by dissection, it has been found that all that exists is a void (in other words nothingness).
This implies the basic raw material of matter is 'non material'.

It is this 'non material' intelligence that is at the base of everything that we perceive in this universe.
The scientists call this field the 'Zero Point Field'. This field forms the building blocks of all the laws of nature.

In the light of this truth - everything & everyone in this universe is connected. The separation is only at the perceptual level of our senses.
But when we move beyond.. "everything is one" - the message that was crux of all the greatest seers the world has ever seen.