Thursday, September 02, 2010

What about the losers ?

Agreed that new technologies are very interesting and disruptive in nature, but have we wondered where those who are still using older technologies will go? For example let's say that shale gas is going to be a substitute for crude oil, what about the billions of dollars invested by oil drilling companies, how will we account for that?

Another example can be electric cars which are going to displace the gasoline driven vehicles. What will we do with these old model vehicles? Should we simply junk them or reconvert them to something more appropriate and applicable. The question here is not just to protect investments, but it's about lives which will suffer because of the onslaught of the so called latest technology.

We need an inclusive plan wherein every stake holder of the industry will benefit. The old investors should be given some form of equity participation in the new vehicles of investments. The other thing we need to look for is reusability, rather than scrapping everything. A timeline needs to be mandated for successful conversion.

Although the problems are complex in nature, it's easier said than done and I know that. But I think, to establish a factory which is going to affect the livelihood of people is a little selfish, unless the factory owners have a plan to support these people for life. We are all accountable to Gaia or mother earth. Let's not plunder the loot.

There is enough that the earth produces for all 6.5 billion of us to live together happily. But this imbalance is creating the chaos. Hope that we can have more individuals and groups which can contribute to the overall vital signs of this planet, just to start with.

Perhaps very soon …

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