Saturday, September 18, 2010

Google Instant

Google Instant is really changing the game of SEO. Now everyone would see a different view even if they are searching for the same term / words. So ads are also dynamic. I checked out the Google site to test 'instant' and it's very impressive. They are using AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) technology for the exchange between the machine that we work on and the Google Servers.

Google has taken a very risky approach, as this will upset the whole way Adwords work. I think that this is a step in the right direction. Because finally the customer is in charge. He/She needs to get the best user experience. The bottom line is end-users. Respect them, keep them delighted always. And listen to their comments carefully. Incorporate changes that are valid.

The future will be thought devices, which read the mind and relays it to the computer. Although this technology is nascent today, do not rule it out. Already we can control the desktop by voice; later we may be able to transfer our thoughts to Google Website and this in turn will give back a response to the brain. It will be a 2-way communication.

Let me stop soothsaying, and bring your attention to other Instant Search products. One is called Cloud Magic, which indexes all mails from Gmail (at present) and then allows anyone to instantly search Gmail on their desktop. (Wonder why Google did not come out with this idea). After this the company is focussing on Google Apps, Salesforce and Yahoo mail. MSN is not included because they do not support IMAP. (Internet Message Access Protocol) Going forward I see a lot of scope for Instant Search on all devices like mobile phones, Ipad's and other gizmos.

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