Saturday, September 25, 2010

The greatest gift - Love

There is one language better than all languages of the world put together and that is the language of love. What God speaks to us every second. But we are simply not tuned in. Our mind keeps whizzing away and we think that, we are our mind. Actually we are a soul of God and like Water takes up the property of the what you mix it with, (like say red coloured dye or whisky) we are also drenched in God's love. And God is like water and takes up the form that we have.

In computer parlance, a user defined data types is similar. However you define it, it takes up your definition. For example, in Javascript, your variables do not have a type defined. You can use it as a string, a date or whatever you define it to be as. Data is what makes the program important, like Water is what makes the drink tasty, although by itself, water is tasteless.

There are different ways we can use the analogy given above. The simplest is to listen to God's transmission which is on 24 by 7, always. We sometimes do get a glimpse of it like an epiphany that happens from time to time. And this is the real moment. Seize it. Because we have to realize that we are submerged in God.

The other similarity would be between hardware and software. Here the hardware is like Water. It takes up the form of the software. The very way in which the software is written, drives the hardware. You see God happens in Silence. Hence he is everywhere. So why worry about that presentation for tomorrow. Work hard and leave the rest to God.



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