Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do not complain. Explore yourself

You know I was sipping limejuice and I remembered the good old saying 'If life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade out of it.' There are still so many people complaining that life hasn't dealt them in the right way. I personally think that each one of us has to face challenges and circumstances that have been predestined. We need to cut thru the veil and arrive.

Now when do you say somebody has arrived? Well, for one thing, this person does not wish bad for anyone, sings like the ecstatic 'Rumi' (the poet) and is always at peace with himself and the world. I wouldn't dare to call him a Yogi, as I myself do not clearly have an understanding of this term. But one thing is for sure – this person believes more in his work than serendipity.

Let me try to make the connection to technology now. You see a harddisk does not stop working on its own. It only does so after thorough use or when it is free. It does not complain that it has been formatted for Linux or Windows. Neither does it holler when found to be in AT cabinet, instead of ATX. Here's the lesson we should all learn – complain only when exhausted. Rest – leave it. In fact, I would say that complaining is also not required. In such a situation patience is of utmost importance.

That is the difference between machines and people. The threshold of people is very low in comparison with machines. We are all strange creatures, in our own worlds, trying to seek something outside, when all we got to do is look inside each of us. Like Rumi said, 'Don't look for miracles outside, you yourself are the world's greatest miracle'.

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