Friday, September 17, 2010

The complete man and the complete software

Flood your system with lots of dopamine, and you will feel a lot of well being. It's a catch-22. Unless you feel fine, dopamine will not circulate in your system, and unless you take dopamine supplements you won't feel happy. I know that all of us have stressful jobs, but unless we strike a harmony in the 4 spheres of completeness (Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual) and try to be full individuals with overall growth, we will be frustrated.

We need to balance all these aspects and become a complete human being. These needs are to be fulfilled in every second that we live. In computer parlance, a mix of all constructs will give us a better solution, than sticking to some common reusable patterns. Depending on the requirement, we have to leverage the software base that is already available.

Earlier we needed to have a login into most of the websites. Now we can login to a website using Facebook, Twitter, Buzz etc. (if it is supported) and work as usual. This I believe is a great feature available, as we do not have to remember usernames and passwords of sites that we visit. Of course if you use a password filling program like Roboform, this concern is also put to rest.

As the features increase, the more power a program gets. Using the same (say) loop structure can give us consistency or call that a standard. But using different features will make your program not feel boring. I'm just kidding. Standards have to be followed, else there will be chaos. For e.g: A WHILE loop is faster than a FOR loop. Use the constructs judiciously, at the same time keeping in mind simplicity. It's a trade-off mostly, but it's worth the while.



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