Saturday, September 04, 2010

Conserve Energy

Energy consumption is increasing. There are four main people who use energy. They are Commercial offices, Industries, Residential premises and Transportation. A lot of energy that we see in action is coming to us after thermal losses. It can be as high as 50%. Energy conservation is the need of the hour and also stipulated by Kyoto protocol.

This energy that we consume releases Carbon dioxide into the air. This is called as Green House emission. A typical family in using electricity releases as much as 6.2 tonnes of Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. (Almost as much required to send 3 hot air balloons into air) Passive energy can be controlled by things like insulation, but the time of actively monitoring is due.

Active monitoring of energy can be done by thermostats, capacitors and detectors. These are available at very cheap rates. But still we avoid things like rewiring or other work, that which we perceive as causing a lot of headache. Actually redesigning a building for energy conservation may save as much as 50% of the total maintenance costs.

Technology is another energy guzzler and GHG (Green House Gas) emitter. With data centres sprawling all over the place, the requirement for more energy is a necessity. The question is can we meet these growing demands? I believe we can. Not just by generating more energy but conserving it actively.

Carbon credits should be traded at a premium I believe, as everyone falls in line to conserve energy for the generations to come.



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