Friday, January 23, 2015

Embracing change

Change is the only constant. Like it or not, every single moment we are undergoing change. Our body, our mind and everything around us is a verb. We may abhor change as we are shackled to our comfort zone. But the only way to proceed ahead is to embrace change. Imagine yourself having a different experience every day. Walk to your car in a new way. Take a new route. Wish a new person everyday. Open yourself to infinite possibilities, new experiences. Go ahead and be willing to encounter the unknown. What’s preventing you from doing this ? Only one reason – your fear of the unknown. You may be comfortable in your life, the way it is. Maybe you really don’t want things to change. This is a sign of getting old. Break that habit before it manifests as a disease.

If you are like me who spends most of his time on computers, do something differently ever day. For example, if you are in the habit of checking your mails first thing when you wake up, make a change. Read the news first and then get to the mail. Try new websites and apps. Download a program and give it a whirl. Surprise yourself. Some time back I wanted to make a change to my Gmail and I did not know how to do it. So I did some reading and found that there is a feature called Labs available in Gmail which allows to tweak settings. Problem solved and I learnt something new. Although I have bookmarked the websites which I visit on a daily basis, I make sure that I visit some new ones also. Try Stumbleupon if you are not sure of which websites to visit.

Your computer (desktop / laptop / tablet / phone) also enjoys new experiences. Use it like a horse that it is, rather than a mule. There is a whole world of unknown and interesting things that is awaiting you our there. Familiarize yourself and have that extra worm in you that allows you to taste all this. Treat everyday like that last vacation you had. When you decided to go, there was no way to have known that you would enjoy it as much as you later, did. Shake your innards vigorously everyday and live it to the fullest. Enjoy every new experience and reflect on it, in the moments of solitude. Try a new song everyday. If you are habituated to listening the same track everyday, change it. I listened to some Arabic songs today.

All I want to say is that change is good. Out of chaos, comes order. If you go the minutest levels of subatomic particles, they behave in a chaotic way. But in the holistic view, there is order. When these particles interrelate with other particles, a pattern emerges. Some people try to understand the chaos though deterministic chaotic theory. It’s an oxymoron and doesn’t make sense. Look at the macro view. Do not overanalyse. Like that Buddha story. Once Buddha came to a sermon and did not speak anything. He simply showed a rose and smiled. His disciple Ananda smiled back. Everyone else who did not understand the meaning asked Ananda, what did he see ? Ananda replied that within that rose he saw the universe, the seas, the trees, the wind and everything. So be like Ananda, learn to see with your soul and not the mind. You will find that a whole world is awaiting out there for your glimpse and all the things are just saying one thing :

Welcome !


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smitha said...

beautiful thought. I am inspired to try something new today