Thursday, January 01, 2015

What to expect in Tech for 2015

Looking into the crystal ball again, here are my 10 bets for 2015 :

1. From websites to apps to experience. Consumers to value the experience that they get in any product or service. This may be running an app or talking to a call centre person. Overall, people to value a good experience and needless to say, willing to pay for it.

2. More applications to migrate to the Cloud. We have seen ecommerce and travel applications. Education and Healthcare will be transformed by applications running on the Cloud. Governments world over will also move towards it.

3. Cloud to get containerized. By that I mean the whole dev-ops scenario to be dominated by companies like Docker, Core OS and wannabe’s. Why not ? After leaving a clean and tight footprint is better than the traditional approach of clubbing everything together and maintaining it.

4. If there is a gap that will be felt in this year, that would be of interoperability. To seek a solution that works on all platforms, still remains a pipedream. Companies like Microsoft and Apple who have taken first steps, will go further.

5. Number of internet connections in countries like India, Brazil, Russia etc to explode in millions, connecting a whole set of new user profiles. Mobiles would have more internet usage than Desktops.

6. ECommerce to be more accessible and meaningful to the internetaratti. This means more business for all players. Lots of new entrants with vertical specializations to enter this riding market.

7. Big Data will make it’s stride with Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence). Hadoop based systems and NoSQL systems finally call it a day. The question here is not what Big Data can do, but who is it meant for: medium and large companies.

8. Content Management Systems (CMS) will finally be integrated with Hadoop and NoSQL systems. They in turn will power the craving of the people for more content. Plagiarized content will constitute a majority of the sites.

9. Wearables make a reappearance in a better Avatar. Also look for 3-D printers which will be cheap, internet TV’s to debut in developing countries (services like NetFlix) and the rise of the hacking community. Security will be the topmost concern for any suite.

10. Consciousness to be studied under a microscope. As we realize that the soul is the one having the experience, why not try to understand it? New information theory of consciousness will get formulated this year.


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