Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Live It = Love It = Let It

There is a song that popped up in my mind. It goes something like ‘What are you searching for in those strange places, what you thought was far away is so near to you’ and this caught me as the crux of it all. We keep looking; but we don’t see that, what we are looking for is within ourselves. Actually, what we search for is neither money nor fame. It’s also not things which supposedly should be making us happy. Our search in one word is for love – the holy grail. We are looking for that which will make us happy. And that one reality which is never changing can be called God. While we spend our time looking here and there, the more we see the outer world, the more confusing it gets. Know that this world is temporary in nature. Everything within it, is on the path of destruction. The only thing that will remain is God. And when we have found God, there is nothing else we will need.

People visit religious places, some pray to idols and some to angels, not knowing that the very person they are searching for is within themselves. We are all children of God and contain the same molecules as our Father / Mother is made of. We are the seeds of creation arising from the creator him/herself. He/She has gifted us with various capabilities and our only task in life is to realize that and live up to our talents. Although we may not be able to perceive him/her, every moment we are in communion with him/her. Maybe through our thoughts or better yet, feelings. Any moment is a complete moment. It’s perfect. Because the world that God has created cannot be imperfect. He/She has gifted us with so many things that we don’t have words enough to express our gratitude. This world that we see is a reflection of his/her greatness.

Scientists are still trying to figure out the world. Quantum Mechanics is spooky. Newton’s world works well at macroscopic scales. This duality in everything is mysterious. But look at it this way. In order for a river to flow, there needs to be two banks. In order to appreciate something, there has to be two people – the observer and the observed. In order for a balance sheet to be true, there has to be assets as well as liabilities. If we just knew one side of reality, we wouldn’t really be able to gauge it’s depths, because we have nothing to compare it with. Thus emotions also come in two flavours.                                           1 + 1 = Completeness. We can understand this by simply reasoning. But beyond reason, if we look at the depths of our soul, we will know that these are all temporary. And there is just one thing that is permanent – God.

The first step towards God is our awareness of him/her. This can be simply in our thoughts or our feelings. We all know that something is out there, that beckons us. And we are also in search of that something. Let the twain meet. Because in that union, the heart will melt away into the true realm of God. No more confusion about this or that. Be internally focussed because external things can give us pleasure not love. In this very moment, we are created perfect and all we have to do is realize that truth. No two people are alike. Neither two trees or two oceans. The dissimilarities are what makes this world an interesting place. So enjoy this moment. There is nothing like it.  The search has come to an end. All we have to do is

Live It = Love It = Let It



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