Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trust your experience

Thoughts are just signposts. Just because a signpost shows the way to California, it does not mean that you have reached California. Only your actions can take you there. You may have done enough research on how to get there. But these are just maps. It’s all in your imagination. Only when you travel, will you find the actual route. Imagination is a powerful thing. But to turn it into reality, it takes action on your part. The best teacher in the world is experience. Your path is different from others. But you have to have the courage to walk. A ship that is anchored to the port is incomplete. Only when it sails and encounters the sea, will it have any meaning. The road in front of you is unknown. It has it’s own mysteries and miseries too. You have to dare to walk and this is the best lesson of experience that you will ever have.

Do not blindly believe all that has gotten into you since childhood. You may have opinions and views on several matters which are not your own. Either parents, neighbours, relatives, friends etc. You have been carrying this luggage for long. Shed it. There are no rights and wrongs. Only your opinion about them makes them so. For example, you may think that terrorists are bad. Ask a terrorist. He / She doesn’t feel so. Just two different viewpoints. When you travel from country to country you have to carry an adapter which plugs into the right socket. In the same way, carry an adapter for all your needs. Be context sensitive. Know what works and what doesn’t. Read up all you can and then go out there and experience it. You will learn the truth.

God is only a concept, till you experience it. Scientists talk about the God particle. There has been enormous amount of propaganda around this. Is God really a particle, a strand of DNA or an old man with a beard looking at all of us from the sky ? None of them. The problem is with our approach. Science cannot answer concepts like why the Sunset or a rose feels the way it does. Science believes in reductionism. By that I mean splitting everything into finer parts. This way we lose the beauty of the whole. Can science explain beauty ? Maybe it’s a pattern in the brain. But what about the feeling that we get ? Scientists will go further that it’s a release of oxytocin and dopamine in our system. But why does a rose trigger that and why not a bowl of cereal ? The point I’m trying to make is that there are many things we do not know and the best thing to do is admit it.

Have you ever seen a photon or a DNA ? The light that is there consists of photons and your very body contains the DNA. You believe it without even questioning the premise behind it. For most of us, we have accumulated this kind of knowledge. And we are even proud of that. If we believe the scientists, why don’t we believe the spiritualists who say that God is everywhere ? The reason is because God is a subjective experience. The spiritualists have just felt it and have no means of reproducing the same for you. If you want to experience God, only you can do that. Whereas science is an experiment in objectivity. It can be reproduced by anyone. It is only through your own experience that you can find God. There is no need to read the texts or go for a sermon. Call him and you will know he is there. Ask him for guidance and he will guide you. Smile and he will smile back. Unconditional.



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