Friday, January 16, 2015

Keep Walking

Never go against yourself. Do only things where your conviction is clear. The greatest gift that you can give yourself and this world is by being yourself. Know that you are unique. Your gifts and talents are awaiting to be unleashed upon this world. Get your values figured out and then live by them. No matter what people say, keep marching on towards your dreams. Your present situation may be tough. That is about to change. Live this present moment well. And the future will automatically be taken care of. Forget the past. Just obliterate it. There is no use of it. Life is flowering every day, everywhere. Be a participant in the game. But you have to know the games that you want to play. And then simply tee off. You can find love all around. That’s what the universe is made of.

Maybe you have problems. Just notice your problems disappear when you live in the moment. Be honest with yourself. What are your problems now in this very moment ? None. Your problems or your situation is so because of yourself. Do not blame others or things. You are the only person who is responsible and you are the only one who can change it. Smile and take deep breaths. Just before an important meeting, you may be getting butterflies in your stomach. Face it as you would face your favourite moment. When life knocks you down, you have to be wiling to take the hits. And stronger, you will get up till such time that your dreams come true.

This world is not just about shooting stars and rainbows. There are so many things happening of which you can be a part. All the people in this world are like you only. They also have aspirations and dreams. Everyone has a story to tell. So be nice to them on your way to the top. Every day, we come across so much information, it’s becoming difficult to cope with it. Do not believe anyone who says that life isn’t fair. It is, in its own way. In this century, the big question is of speed. How fast can you respond to an event ? Can you keep up with the technological changes and other upheavals that happen on a day to day basis ? Do not lose focus. A scattered mind will de-focus you.

Finally, have a dream bigger than yourself. Everyday take a step towards it. The destination is not the journey. A map won’t tell you what you are going to encounter on the way. So be ready to trod the path and learn in the process, of what works, and what doesn’t. Do not be afraid. God is by your side, caring for you and showing you the way, every second. Let him show you the way. You have been destined to do something great. That is your mission. You just have to find out what it is, and if you haven’t found out till now; keep looking; don’t settle. You are a born soldier. Not just a somebody. So pick up that gun of yours and if you are down, it’s time that you get up and face life again, head-on.

Keep walking …


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