Monday, February 16, 2015

Thus we come, and thus we go. In memories forever …

We are all walking storehouses of memory. Every passing moment is nothing but a streak of memory inside us. Our organs all have memory. It spawns over billions of years, to the birth of our universe. Yes, we hold all those imprints within us. Take our eyes for example. They always see by comparing the scenery with what can be related to the memory patterns within us. But memory is selective. If you like it, you store it. If you don’t, you just let it pass. When light falls on an object, it let’s it pass or stops it. When it stops it, we perceive that object. But when it let’s it, we simply can’t see it. Every atomic particle has memory associated with it. That’s why a carbon atom behaves like one and a hydrogen atom behaves like another. As far as our bodies are concerned, every cell has a memory which goes on to it’s past.

This memory that we talk about is not just limited to our brains. Outside of it, the mind also has universal access to it. The memory that we hold is called Samskara or simply karma. The action of our past and present translated in terms of memory. This is what people term as coloured vision or simply that we are looking at it from our standpoint. It’s very difficult to break the strangleholds of memory and view things as they are. But it can be done. When you are able to do so, your third eye opens. (Like Shiva’s third eye) This simply means that you are perceiving things as they are, without the aid of memory. You will also be able to see that light that passes through an object. This is the heightened sense of reality. To see things as they are. Getting rid of the memory. After all, this is the quest, if not anything else.

Take a computer for instance. It sees everything a user does from the perception of an Operating System. Like Windows, MacOS and Linux. These Operating systems make the computer behave in such and such ways. The same way, the Operating system within us makes us behave in a particular way. That becomes our character. We add to it on a daily basis. That is our experience. For a Computer, this is the day to day running of various applications. For example, in an accounting system, there are 100 posts to the General Ledger in a day. There are two kinds of memory viz. Primary and Secondary. The primary memory is the one that is active always and the secondary memory is for backup purpose. Thus we have the RAM which is primary and the hard disk which is secondary. In our minds, the conscious is primary and the subconscious is secondary.

Memory conditions us. To this way and that. We tend to become comfortable in the safety it provides. That is the reason why we have difficulty in changing ourselves. For example when you travel outside to a different country, you may not like their food. This is because your tongue craves for the memory of the food that you like. Those who dare, can taste this new food and explore. This is the problem with mediocre people. They get so chained by their memories that they are unwilling to change. We are not limited to our brains, as the memory can be non local (in the cloud) ; somewhere else. There is no limit to the amount of memory that we have. But it’s finite in nature. Once we break through the shackles of memory, we see clearly. When we relive our memory, life becomes a repetition, which is boring after some time . Whereas when we experience something as it is, the experience is pristine and awakens us. Break this cocoon that you are living in, and experience life, first hand – as it is. That should be a noteworthy aim.

To your remembrance,


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