Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Google’s Chrome OS

Google's Chrome OS

Sure it will be a marvel, as this is the first internet OS in the true sense of the word. People will want to believe that the net is the computer and not the desktop. Cloud computing would pick up and will favour those, whose applications are on the cloud. Lot of data centres will mushroom. A net connection would become ubiquitous. Wherever you are, the net follows you. Be it an airplane or the waterloo.

Chrome OS will be introduced in conjunction with some service provider like Verizon or AT & T and the plans would again be available for different experiences. Security will be a concern, but I'm sure Google guys are going to build in a tough sandbox for malware to crack.

On the downside, this new OS needs an always on connection to the net. Data Privacy is also another issue, as data would be on the cloud. So the next question that comes to mind is 'Is the data safe?'

What about applications? They will all be cloud and an instance of the same would be downloaded to the client. The client will possess just rendering intelligence and the dense intelligence would be on the server side.

Welcome back to the mainframe day's guys.

Reminds me that in the end after all the world is a circle. You end up where you started out with.




Anonymous said...

Should be interesting how it shapes up or changes the world...

As you mentioned, key to this is an always ON internet connection.
Anshu - Pune

David said...

Technically with html 5 the apps can work offline and later SYNC.
So you don't need to be online always. Like offline google calendar or gmail.