Thursday, September 03, 2009

Words don't come easy

Words don’t come easy.

How do you describe a tree? In many ways. Each description falls short of one thing. The feeling. You can say ‘I sat by the tree and it felt good’. Well if you are describing the tree later, the feeling is already gone. Or let’s say you are writing a poem while you are under the tree, by the time you have felt it and the time you take to describe it using words, you have missed a beat. Because while describing it you are not feeling it, you are simply imagining it.

That is the primary difference between a man and a machine. A machine will be able to imagine but not feel, in the sense that we do. So much so that a machine may reach 99.99% accuracy in feeling but never the 100%. Why? Because machines are trapped in the time delusion. A true feeling transcends time. It just ‘is’. Hence cannot be described in words. What we describe in words is just an approximation.

Assume that you have a computer in which you are using Photoshop. Further contemplate that you have drawn a picture. When you see the picture, you may not feel it. But at a certain point of time, you will. And that is the same feeling as when you were working on it engrossed fully drawing the beauty.

Feeling is our intimate connection to God. It is a prayer. A kind of gratitude that we feel towards an object – be it animate or inanimate. The best I can extrapolate it to a ‘one’ ness with the object where the observer (you) and the observed (the object) merge. There is no objectivity. No subjectivity also. It’s just a moment in eternity.

Learn to be more alert whether you are watching a movie or working on a program. And you will start feeling the creation in its entire-ity. The entire universe is a projection in a point of time. But as you feel more, you know that the delusion of time withers away into the ‘one’ with your consciousness.

I myself have failed to describe it in words. And it just cannot be done. Till such time, lets compromise for the pseudo real, and then we wake up in Bliss ... Someday. Somewhere.



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